How To Turn House Cleaning Into A Workout

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We all want to have a clean home but many of us have a habit of putting it on the long finger. Cleaning is something very few of us like to do but it is unfortunately a necessary evil. This infographic from a cleaning company called HappyCleans looks at how cleaning can also be a workout and maybe it’s the motivation you need to do it a bit more often. It can be hard to find the time when you work a full-time job but no one likes a dirty house either so it’s important to establish some sort of routine.

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How To Turn House Cleaning Into A Workout

One of the most regular tasks we put off is dusting but you’ll be happy to know that it burns 174 calories in an hour. If you spend an afternoon dusting you’ll have enjoyed a serious workout and it will be as almost as if you had gone to the gym and you’ll have saved on the membership.  If you want to take your dusting to the next level you can also add some ankle weights to your wrists.  Even 2-3 pounds of extra resistance will help to add definition and strength to your arms as you dust.

The garden is another great area for a very intensive workout and you can burn some serious calories out there.. For example, just one hour of gardening and weeding rids you of 288 calories so a morning of gardening will burn a lot of calories and also make your garden look amazing.

Another outside activity that is a really good calorie burn is car washing and it rids you of 234 calories an hour. Having a dirty car is not nice anyway so it’s vital to get it clean on a semi regular basis and luckily you also burn calories.

Even everyday simple tasks like loading the dishwasher can burn 105 calories and making the beds burns around 130 calories. These are generally must do tasks so remember that doing them does help you to get a bit more fit.

There are also some toning exercises you can do for your arms even while taking out the trash. Very few enjoy taking bags outside but now it’s the perfect chance to do some bicep curls. Just grab the bags and keep your elbows close to your chest and lift them up and down.

One thing is that you need to be careful not to snack too much as you clean as you’ll have wasted all of your effort.  The fridge is always so near when you clean at home and snacking can be so tempting. If you must snack try to have some healthy to keep your energy up as you clean.

The key point from this infographic is that very few enjoy the process of cleaning but the fact that it’s a workout will hopefully act as a bit of motivation for you. Have a read through the full infographic now and begin your journey to a cleaner home today. Enjoy.

How To Turn House Cleaning Into A Workout

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