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Does Homework Influence on Your Future?

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The topic on the amount of work that students should do outside the school remains controversial. Although homework (HW) has remained part of the lives of students since formal schooling started, parents and educators have rejected and accepted it alternately. Many parents would like to negotiate balancing homework and family time. Students on the other hand dislike homework because they are mostly exhausted and stressed out by the amount of work they receive from instructors. That’s why it’s not surprising to hear students ask, ‘who can do my homework?’ Perhaps, this explains why many celebrities have been drawn to this issue as you will see in our infographic.

The issue

For many years, the ’10-minute rule’ has been the HW standard. This standard recommends a maximum of 10 minutes HW time every day per grade level. For instance, second graders should spend 20 minutes doing HW every day. Seniors in high school should spend 2 hours on HW every night. This guideline has the support of both the National Education Association and the National PTA. However, some schools have always gone against this guideline. Today, many students are bombarded with  HW despite being tired after a long, tiring day at school. For instance, 23% of parents say that their children are given 5 to 10 hours’ homework every week. 14% says their children spend more than 10 hours doing homework. Perhaps, this explains the increasing number of students that need help with math HW, chemistry HW, and other subjects. Generally, how different communities approach HW  has changed dramatically over the years.

The debate

Not all educators, parents, and celebrities agree entirely that  HW  is good or bad for students. In fact, many celebrities argue that homework and performance have a weak correlation. Therefore, students should not be assigned excess work to do outside the school. Doing so doesn’t help because many students spend too much time looking for a HW  solver. Their views show that students should be allowed time to do other things outside the school so that they can become well-rounded, happy, and creative individuals. Below is an infographic on the views of famous people about HW:




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