Hillary Clinton’s Mic Pack Stokes Conspiracy Theories

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One of the marvels of the internet is the fact that it allows freedom of expression for everyone, even those who invent conspiracy theories about Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

The Republican presidential candidate took on his rival Hillary Clinton in a televised debate on Monday night. Since then debate has ensued as to which of the two put in the stronger performance. However there have also been a number of conspiracy theories espoused by supporters of Trump on Info Wars.

“Hidden device” pointed out by Info Wars

Photos showing a mysterious box and wire under her clothing were seized upon as evidence that the presidential candidate was wearing an earpiece. This is a charge that was also levelled at the Democratic candidate following an NBC forum.

Later on Info Wars says that the “hidden device” could have been “an instrument that sends impulses to the brain to alleviate symptoms of Parkinson’s disease.” This would feed into past concerns over Hillary’s health.

Clinton recently fell ill with walking pneumonia, and a video was published of her fainting. Certain Trump supporters then claimed that she was addicted to benzodiazepines, drunk and suffering from seizures, all without any proof. Other conspiracy theories involve the idea that Clinton is suffering from early stage dementia, and even that she is a reptile-human in disguise.

Conspiracy theorists love to target Hillary Clinton

Given the outlandish nature of these past conspiracy theories, it is hardly surprising that the hidden box from Monday’s debate provoked such a hysterical response. However there is a simple answer.

The box that you can see in the photos is in fact the transmitter pack for a microphone. Both candidates had both podium microphones and lapel microphones at Monday’s debate.

You would think that this logical explanation would carry some weight. However in the strange world of conspiracy theories, everything is a sign of some sinister plot.

Trump supporters may like to paint Hillary Clinton as an out-of-touch, career politician who is somehow half-human half-robot, but this time around their theories are easily disproved. Interestingly enough, logic doesn’t seem to be a major winner in this presidential election.

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