Hedge Funds Started Strong In 2018, With Their Best Starting Performance Since 2013

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Below is the February Eurekahedge Press Kit that provides a brief overview of the hedge fund industry, highlighting fund managers’ performance across strategies and regions, as well as trends in asset flows, launch and closure activities, and hedge fund fees.

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North America

+3.75% YTD

+US$1.54 billion AUM YTD

Latin American hedge funds kicked off 2018 with 3.75% gain in January, riding on the equity market performance of the region.


+1.30% YTD

+US$8.61 billion AUM YTD

Despite strong recoveries across European economies, fund managers from this region lagged behind their global peers.

Best and Worst Performing Regions

CTA/Managed Futures

+3.36% YTD

+US$8.90 billion AUM YTD

CTA/managed futures managers reaped the biggest gains during the month, owing to oil exposure, the weakening US dollar and rising equity market indices.

Relative Value

+0.19% YTD

-US$0.04 billion AUM YTD

Relative value hedge funds finished last with barely positive returns, as January saw a return of volatility in the market.

Best and Worst Performing Strategies

Hedge Funds

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Hedge Funds

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