Hayden Cross: The First British Man To Give Birth

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Hayden Cross, 20, is four months pregnant. Cross has become the first British man to announce a pregnancy. The former Asda worker was born a girl 20 years ago, but has lived legally as a man for three years now. He put his transition on hold to have a baby with sperm from a donor he found on Facebook. Hayden Cross told The Sun that he would be the greatest dad.

Cross wants to be the ‘greatest dad’

Hayden had initially asked the NHS to freeze his eggs before completing his full hormonal gender transition, in the hope that he might want to have children years down the road. However, the NHS refused to freeze his eggs, a process which would have cost £4,000. Fearing he might never become a biological parent to his own child, Hayden turned to a social networking group to find a sperm donor.

The 4-month pregnant Hayden plans to have the baby before proceeding to complete the transition process that would remove his ovaries and breasts. Cross told The Sun that his first attempt using donor sperm turned out to be successful. The Facebook group he had used has been closed now. He said he had no choice as he couldn’t afford a proper clinic.

“I want the baby to have the best. I’ll be the greatest dad,” he said. Cross admits that he feels uncomfortable carrying a baby, and is struggling with the physical changes. Carrying a child is a “very female thing” and it is against everything he feels in his body. He had started to become a man physically, but now he is going “in the opposite direction.”

Hayden Cross’ family upset with his claims

The family of Hayden Cross is upset with some of his claims, reports Gloucestershire Live. Hayden had claimed that his parents parted ways when he was 14 years old because his father went back on drugs. He left home at 15 after his mother’s new boyfriend moved in. Cross claims unemployment benefits and lives in a council apartment.

Hayden’s parents still call him Paige. They wished him the best with the baby, but they felt hurt by his claims that he was “brought up in a broken home.” His dad had indeed left when he was young, but Hayden/Paige was “well taken care of,” his family told the Gloucestershire Live. Hayden’s family and relatives are worried whether he would be able to look after the baby because he lives “such a chaotic life.”

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