What Happens To The Products That You Return On Amazon?

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Ever wondered what happens to the products you return online? There are multiple ways online stores deal with those gaudy-strappy heels you didn’t like and returned. There are a number of reasons why a customer will return a purchase: some are legitimate while others might seem arbitrary.

From size issues to issues with the quality of the product, there might be a number of reasons to put you off when your much awaited parcel arrives.

In this infographic we’re going to tell you what ultimately happens to the products you return, with respect to Amazon in particular. Read on to know more.


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What happens to the products That You Return On Amazon

Courtesy of QuickLotz.com

What Happens after you return an Amazon product?

Many times the product goes back on sale if it is in mint condition and hasn’t been used by the customer. If it is absolutely intact, it might end up back on the virtual shelf. This happens only when you haven’t tampered with the original tags. In such cases, Amazon puts back the product on its website to be sold to other customers. In other cases where the product has been tampered with, the following options are considered.

  1. Returned to the manufacturer: This happens when the completely defective of damaged. Of course, such products are of no use to the consumer or to Amazon and have to shipped to the manufacturer. If the products can be fixed for minor damages, they are sold by the manufacturer at discounted prices. These are the products you see in local city markets which have been discarded on account of minor damages but are still in the condition of resale.
  2. Goes on sale as “refurbished”: A returned product might have some deficiency but could well possibly be a minor one. In these cases, they are sent back to the manufacturers for “refurbishing” and are then sold on Amazon as refurbished products. Watch out for these products on Amazon with the description that says “Almost new.” Thats because the product has been fixed to the point where it is as good as new.
  3. Products are liquidated: Damaged goods are pointless to be kept in storage for a long time where they occupy expensive real estate. Moreover, due to longer storage durations, they might go out of fashion and Amazon might decide to not put its money on such goods. This is where an experience company like Quicklotz can make a difference. Companies like Quicklotz and alike have the exclusive rights to purchase consumer returns from Amazon in huge quantities at heavily discounted prices for the resale market. This is the only way to reach such high value products at the lowest prices. You don’t really have to wait anymore for those pair of shoes you’ve been wanting all summer.
  4. Everyone wins at the end: This is basically the story of what happens to a product once you return it on amazon. With the increasing popularity of wholesale liquidation companies, a lot of Amazon returns which would go back on sale at market price are now being sold to these companies at a heavy discount.

What’s the next step?

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Common Reasons Why customers return products?

Didn’t like the delivered product: It happens more often than you would imagine. People order something off their interest and then change their mind maybe because they didn’t find it as appealing as when they saw it online. Or maybe, there is a slight change in the quality of the product and it doesn’t look the same as it did in images.

Changed your mind: Sometimes customers change their mind between the time they order and the the time the product is delivered. In this duration, they might realise that their preferences have changed. Or maybe they just found the same product elsewhere with a much more exciting deal.

The product is damaged or defective: Amazon is very particular about the quality of its products. However, mistakes are bound to happen and sometimes you don’t get the experience you expected. Also, sometimes after using a product for a few days, a customer may realize that there are some manufacturing defects with the product.

Product did not match description on website or in catalog: Sometimes a company does not proofread its products thoroughly due to which a customer might not get what they expected. Your evening gown looked bright red on the website but when you got it, it was just a dull shade of red. For this reason, a customer might return the product.

Company shipped wrong product: Mistakes with product picking are extremely rare but might happen. You might receive a pair of shoes with both shoes of different sizes or you ordered a medium but got a large. Chances of such blunders are one in a million.

Product purchased during holiday season: Products purchased during the holiday season are some of the most returned products across the world. This happens because of high demand and crunch in time and workforce available with online stores. For this reason, some customers might go disappointed with wrong or weary parcels received.

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