GTA 6: Will It Be VR?

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The Grand Theft Auto franchise is probably one of the biggest ever in terms of numbers of copies sold, and for that reason, you can forgive the constant rumor mill that surrounds it. However, what’s being said about GTA 6? Will it be VR? Is it coming soon?

GTA 6: you want it now

The next installment of this gaming franchise is due now if you listen to the franchise’s fans. However, for years, Rockstar has stuck to a pattern, meaning the release date of GTA 6 can be anticipated.

To do this, you first have to know that Rockstar releases a GTA game once every five years. For example, GTA 5 came out in 2013, and before that, GTA was released in 2008. So what does this tell you? It suggests that GTA 6 won’t be with us until 2018. However…


Could the appearance of virtual reality gaming in the console market be about to change things? As you are probably aware, VR is a huge topic at the moment, what with the PSVR about to launch. But what does this have to do with GTA 6?

Lots of games and content developers have one-and-a-half eyes on VR at the moment. It’s too early to commit, but it’s also bad for business if you’re late to the party. So it’s highly likely that Rockstar has its people looking into the possibility of GTA 6 VR for the PlayStation VR headset. As soon as we know more, we’ll let you know.

Real World GTA VR Spoof

One group of content creators called Corridor Digital has taken to recreating video games in a real world setting. In fact, in their videos, they have great-looking CGI and do their own stunts. This week they’ve taken a close look at the GTA franchise and created a VR version of Grand Theft Auto V.

No official release date yet

While the rumor mill is still working overtime and no one wants Rockstar to stick to a 2018 date, there was talk of it being released at this year’s PlayStation Meeting. But now that has been and gone, so what’s next?

What about E3 2017? It’s a little early for the 5-year schedule, so this is unlikely. But it will enable Rockstar to introduce new updates to GTA 5, which can do nothing more than wet the appetite for GTA 6. So will we actually have to wait for a 2018 release? I doubt it, but there’s just no evidence to prove otherwise.

Maps and more

Grand Theft Auto is known for its huge in-game play areas, and it appears that GTA 6 will keep this tradition going with a map that, if you believe the rumors, is as big as the maps in GTA 3 and 5 combined. Furthermore, we could see the return of a female protagonist, and the police take on the crooks again. As was previously seen in GTA 4, both of these scenarios would be interesting, but the possibility of a VR GTA 6 is the biggest box ticker I can think of.

What do you want? Bigger maps? Cops vs. crooks? Or a GTA 6 VR compatibility?

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