New GTA 6 Leak Suggests The Game Is Too Big For PS4, Xbox One

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Rockstar Games hasn’t said anything officially about Grand Theft Auto 6, but that hasn’t stopped fans from speculating about the next title in the franchise. Now a GTA 6 leak suggests that the game is huge and contains maps for Liberty City and Vice City and a long stretch of highway in between. Supposedly, the game will only be available for the PS5 and Xbox Two because current-generation consoles don’t have memory.

GTA 6 leak deleted from Pastebin

This GTA 6 leak came from Pastebin, but it was quickly deleted after posting. That could mean the leaked details are close enough to the truth that Rockstar wanted it deleted, or they are totally off base. Either way, there were enough details to get the franchise’s fanbase talking and probably to draw Rockstar’s attention to the post. We do know that Pastebin has been a source of reliable information in the past. For example, Sony ended up confirming PS5 specs that were leaked via the site previously.

Dexerto managed to grab the GTA 6 leak before it was deleted from Pastebin. The post was put up on Apr. 21 but not reported on by Dexerto until Apr. 30. In fact, it wasn’t until after Dexerto reported on the leak that it was removed.

Someone suggested on Reddit that Rockstar itself had the post removed from Pastebin, although there’s not really any way to confirm that. They believe Rockstar had to be the one behind the removal because the post was shared via a guest account using an unlimited time stamp, which apparently means the creator of the post wouldn’t be able to remove it, so Pastebin staff would have had to do it.

Classic map locations may return

Thanks to Dexerto, the details from the GTA 6 leak have been preserved even though the Pastebin post was removed. The leak suggested a return to map locations found in earlier games in the franchise and even offers some possible details about the story behind the game. Specifically, the leaker described the game’s map as consisting of “multiple big cities which players can travel across.” San Andreas did something similar with Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas, but it sounds like GTA 6 might have an even larger map.

The GTA 6 leak suggests the map will be focused on the East Coast of the U.S. rather than the West Coast. The two cities mentioned in the post are Liberty City, which is based on New York City, and Vice City, which is based on Miami. The leak also indicates that there will be a long highway in between the two cities with countryside along the stretch.

As far as the story goes, the leaker claimed that players begin as a “small time guy in Liberty City doing odd chores and small-time thefts” before gradually working their way up to Vice City where they will “join a famous gang.” The ultimate goal of the game is said to be becoming “the drug lord.”

The GTA 6 leak also claimed that the game will be so large the PS4 and Xbox One won’t be able to manage it all. Thus, due to “memory restrictions,” the leaker said it will only be available on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Two (or whatever Microsoft’s next-gen console is called).

Rockstar is also said to be “working closely with Microsoft and Sony on cloud gaming which will help them enable online to be a continuous process.”

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