Grand Theft Auto V Ready For Next-Gen Consoles

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The Xbox One and Playstation 4 will see the release of Grand Theft Auto V on November 18 and will certainly be looking to sell millions and millions more copies of the open-world action gameahead of the Christmas season.

Rockstar Games announced earlier today that both next-generation consoles will get the titles roughly 13 months after it was first released. PC gamers, however, will have to wait until early 2015 to rock out to the game when it’s released on January 27. The PC release was expected well before that and Rockstar gave no indication why they are delaying its release.

Los Santos becomes even more all-consuming

They did, however, promise that all three platforms will ultimately see “major visual and technical upgrades,” as well as over 100 new songs during game play, new weapons, new activities and denser traffic not unlike the Los Angeles that the game is essentially set in despite Rockstar calling its location “Los Santos.”

The game is striking in its resemblance to Los Angeles, Rockstar even found itself served with a lawsuit by Lindsay Lohan for creating a character that she believes is based on her likeness. Whether true or not, Grand Theft Auto V does follow three main characters, each complete with a backstory and specific set of missions for game play.

Huge sales for Grand Theft Auto V

To call the game a massive success risks serious understatement. It had generated over $800 million in the first 24 hours and became the fastest entertainment property to $1 billion in sales. After just six weeks, the game sold 29 million copies and then went on to sell another five million copies in the time since as of Sept. 1.

For those who pre-order the title for next-gen consoles, Rockstar is giving away over $1 million in in-game cash and for those that own the title for other platforms will have no problem porting their progress to the new platforms.

While the game will largely remain the same, expect more surprises to be announced by Rockstar ahead of the November release.

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