Why Did GoPro Inc Name Its Drone Karma? CEO Explains

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GoPro will enter the world of drones officially on October 23 with the Karma, but a big question is why the company chose the name Karma. After unveiling the new drone and the new Hero 5 Black and Hero 5 Session action cameras, GoPro CEO Nick Woodman gave the reason during a Q&A session for thw media, according to Mashable.

How GoPro affects people’s karma

Woodman took a philosophical approach, calling GoPro “an-experience transfer company.” The CEO said they believe that experiences become more meaningful to people who capture and share them. Woodman said GoPro allows people to share experiences in a way that those who receive the story feel in some way as if they experienced it themselves.

“So in this way, GoPro is an experience-transfer company. An experience-sharing company. And there’s an energy transfer in that. A chi transfer in that to a certain degree, potentially, a karma transfer to that,” said Woodman.

The CEO said they believe a person is responsible for his own destiny. He added that people are more responsible for their happiness and for their lives than they think, and the Karma assists people in capturing such amazing, beautiful experiences that go on to motivate others to make more of themselves.

“In that sense, actually affect their own destiny. Affect their own karma,” he said.

Woodman further explained that their goal at GoPro is to motivate and inspire the world to live a bigger life. He said he doesn’t know whether reincarnation is real or not, but if we assume it’s not, then people have to make the most of the life they have.

GoPro: more than a camera maker

A question that arises again is how this view fits with a tech company like GoPro, which is synonymous with athletes, action cameras and partnerships with Red Bull.

Most people still think of GoPro as a tech company that makes action cameras only, but this tech company has expanded to become something more than a camera maker over the years. Its partnerships have turned it into an iconic media brand, which allows consumers to create content and also curates that content, notes Mashable.

Woodman agrees that he never thought regular people would use GoPro cameras for many purposes, and he acknowledges that the tech company is more than just a multi-billion dollar company and more than just about cameras. Software (desktop and mobile apps) and cameras are just tools to allow consumers to live life to the fullest without any regrets.

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