GoPro Hero 5 Will Come With 3D Shooting Tech [RUMOR]

GoPro Hero 5 Will Come With 3D Shooting Tech [RUMOR]
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Whilst GoPro still holds the mantle of King of the Action Cameras, you have to go all the way back to 2014 to find the last time it actually launched a flagship camera. Yes, it has launched a couple of different models since then, like the Hero 4 Session, which was a more compact device and the Hero+, which was a more affordable camera for those on a budget. So, now is the time for something good, something flagship like and we may be about to get just that, with the Hero 5.

New GoPro Products

Now that 2016 has reached and passed its halfway point, the people over at GoPro have to take notice and realise that their first experiment with a drone called Karma was not the success they had hoped it would be. So now, GoPro fans are hoping that the company can sprinkle some life into the Hero range of Cameras and that the rumors surrounding a Hero 5 model are real!

GoPro Hero 5

As far as speculation goes, there are a lot of rumors doing the rounds about the specs and the video shooting capabilities of the new camera. Basically, it looks as if the Hero 5 will be a huge upgrade on the Hero 4, which all in all is to be expected from a top of the range product.

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However, it is not until you dive into some of the detail about those capabilities that you realise just how much of a technological jump GoPro may be about to unleash on the fans of its cameras. Let’s break a few of these rumors down…

Hero 5 and the Karma Drone

Earlier this month GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman confirmed that three new devices would be launched during an upcoming holiday season, he failed to mention a date. However, he also suggested that the Karma drone and the Hero 5 camera had been held back on purpose, but yet again failed to say why. This lack of openness has led to new rumors, which are suggesting that both devices could be launched as a bundle.

As for why this would be the case, I don’t know, are you a GoPro fan, come and share your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

4K 60fps and 3D Video Capture

If we take a look at the current GoPro Flagship camera the Hero 4 black, back in 2014 its ability to shoot 4K video a 30fps was a revelation. However, times have moved on and GoPro fans have become needy creatures wanting more from the technology they love to use.

So what are the rumors suggesting about the specs of this new camera? Well, according to the latest the Hero 5 will allow 4K video shooting at 60fps, which is a massive leap over the current flagship. I assume the difference in video quality will be particularly enormous!

As for the 3D video capture, the rumors surrounding this one are a little vague. However, I can tell you that the camera will apparently have a dual-lens setup, which will allow the camera to record video in 3D.


As for how waterproof the Hero 5 will be, the only information I can find about this is that the camera will be much smaller than its predecessor and as such will be able to be submerged up to a depth of 60 meters. There is currently no talk about the amount of time it can sustain this depth for.

Other Rumored Specs and Features

Other rumors seem to be a little thin on the ground, however, there are reports that some other important parts of the camera will also get improvements over what is available with the Hero 4 black. And these are a larger 2800mAh battery, which is always welcomed on any device. There’s also Bluetooth 4.0, which will undoubtedly improve the rate at which data can be transferred.

Launch Date?

As the camera has yet to be officially announced, there is no news on this. However as I said earlier GoPro CEO, Nick Woodman has mentioned that the company will be launching three new devices. Whilst he did not mention a date, it is expected that we could see them, so the Hero 5 hit the market sometime in September or October of this year 2016.


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