GoPro Hero 5 specs revealed

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GoPro’s upcoming Hero 5 has been in the news for a long time for its expected ability to shoot in 3D and its touchscreen LCD display. Now, thanks to a post from Japanese website Nokishita Camera, the alleged specs of the much-awaited camera have finally been revealed, according to Photo Rumors.

Alleged specs of GoPro Hero 5

It must be noted that the Nokishita Camera post has since been removed. The reason is not known, but below are the alleged specs as per Photo Rumors. The camera supposedly weighs 118g with the battery and 90g without it. Its dimensions are reported as 62 mm x 44.6 mm x 33.7 mm, and it reportedly sports a USB Type-C port and HDMI as well. Support for microSD cards up to 64GB is reportedly included as well.

The GoPro Hero 5 is said to be capable of shooting in 4K, 2.7K and 1140p at 30fps, 60fps and 80fps, respectively. Full HD videos can reportedly be recorded as well at 120fps, and the outcome is said to be some pretty buttery-smooth footage. It is not clear as of now whether it can shoot in 3D or not. It reportedly packs a 1,220mAh battery and offers support for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The user interface of the Hero 5 will be more refined, as has already been indicated by GoPro CEO Nick Woodman. The camera will reportedly be waterproof down to 60m and will come without an additional housing. Also it is expected to come with a GPS radio, according to rumors.

Could launch with the Karma

When the company will announce the camera is not known as yet, but as the leaks are coming in very frequently, hopefully the official word on it will be out soon. Since the GoPro Hero 5 is expected to be compatible with GoPro’s first Drone, the Karma, it will be surprising if the camera and the drone are not launched around the same time. GoPro is preparing to launch the drone later this year.

The best collective guess as of now is that the Hero 5 will go on sale in time for Christmas, the biggest sales period of the year. If GoPro misses the holiday shopping period, it will definitely upset GoPro’s shareholders. The company will probably make an announcement around October or November.

The price of the Hero 5 is not confirmed as yet. The action camera can have its cost in the range of $450 to $550, according to rumors. The first to launch could be the flagship model, but the possibility exists of other cheaper Hero 5 models being in the range. It is yet to be seen if there will be a Hero 5 Black, Hero 5 Silver and a plain Hero 5.

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