Google Prepares 7-Inch Pixel Tablet Launch This Year

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According to the latest rumors, Google is set to release a number of new devices including a 7-inch tablet.

Reports suggest that the tech giant is going to introduce various new devices in the next few weeks. Among them are two HTC-made smartphones with Pixel branding, a first-generation Daydream virtual reality headset and a 4K Chromecast. In addition a new leak on Twitter from well-informed source Evan Blass suggests that a 7-inch tablet is also on its way, manufactured by Huawei.

Google and Huawei to team up on new 7-inch tablet

The new tablet is unlikely to be included in the Nexus family of devices, according to Blass. He claims that Google and Huawei will continue their partnership for another year, following on from the Nexus 6P phablet.

Other previous rumors had suggested that Huawei was working on new Nexus hardware. However it also suggested that the new device would replace the Nexus 6P.

According to Blass the new tablet is set to be released “before the end of the year.” It will reportedly have a 7-inch display and ship with 4GB RAM, but other details were not provided.

The Huawei tablet has been kept firmly under wraps, in contrast to other reported upcoming devices. The Pixel-branded smartphones, for example, have been subject to various reports.

Android-powered tablet space in need of new ideas

Huawei already holds a trademark on the Huawei 7P name, and there could be a new tablet coming soon. On the other hand Google could choose to update its tablet offering with a Pixel C successor.

This option would fit with the HTC-made Pixel smartphones in terms of branding. For fans of Android-powered tablets, things may be looking up after a barren few years.

The Nexus 9 tablet that the company released in 2014 didn’t age well, and the Pixel C was let down by bad software when it launched. As a result the stage is set for a potential return of a decent Android tablet.

It is thought that the new hardware will be announced at a Google event on October 4. However the company has not yet sent any invitations to the media.

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