iPad Air 3 Concept Teases Possible Tablet Contender

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While the iPhone range typically attracts the most attention, and this is set to continue with the iPhone 7, the iPad Air 3 will also be a strongly anticipated release later this year. The tablet series is almost equally as iconic as the iPhone, and will probably be updated once more before the end of the calendar year. Apple has yet to announce the iPad Air 3, but a recent concept video provides us with some idea of what we can conceivably expect from the tablet.

iPad Pro to replace iPad Air?

Existing iPad Air consumers may be slightly concerned by the policy of Apple recently, as the consumer electronics giant chose to introduce a new 9.7-inch iPad Pro recently. The latest iPad Pro even included the Apple Pencil stylus, indicating that Apple intends for this device to be a serious productivity unit. Could the existence of this smaller iPad Pro potentially threaten the future of the entire iPad range?

Well, despite this suggestion having been floated in the media, there is an increasing expectation that Apple could be about to announce a new iPad Air 3, possibly even at its World Wide Developers Conference. There is plenty of incentive for Apple to release new devices, as the consumer electronics giant has already promised the city that it would create new revenue streams in 2016. And Apple’s sinking share price makes the necessity of this even more urgent.

iPad Air 3 – Concept design

In the meantime, as we await news of the release of the iPad Air 3, artist Geert van Uffelen has provided an intriguing concept of how he believes the tablet may ultimately turn out. van Uffelen proposes a raft of potential improvements for this prospective iPad Air 3, with a 3D Touch display included for the first time, full support for the existing Apple Pencil, quad-speakers delivering outstanding sound quality, and a Retina Display with an A10 processor delivered as standard.

The specs suggested by the designer would lead to a truly outstanding iPad Air 3 unit, and one that could sell in its own right against the existing iPad Pro. It is notable that the designer also suggested that the iPad Air 3 could embrace 7000 Series Aluminum; a sophisticated substance that has been linked with Apple products for quite some time. This hints at an extremely advanced tablet that would be a match for anything already on the market.

Slimmer slate

Macworld also suggests that the iPad Air 3 will be significantly slimmer than the existing iPad Air 2 when it releases. This is a perennial focus of Apple devices, with the Consumer electronics giant always committed to producing ever sleeker and more attractive devices. It is worth noting that the existing iPad Air is already thinner than the fourth generation of the original iPad series, and that the iPad Air 2 was the slimmest tablet ever produced by Apple at the time of its release.

Indeed, Apple had described the iPad Air 2 as “impossibly thin” when it hit the stores, so this would suggest an absolutely incredible iPad Air 3, if indeed it is slimmer than the 6.1mm of the existing iPad Air 2.

Higher resolution

It is also believed that Apple could upgrade the screen resolution of the iPad Air 3 to 3,112 x 2,334 pixels; amounting to 401ppi. When one considers that the iPad Air 2 featured a 2,048 x 1,536 resolution, this would obviously be a significant jump, and in fact a virtually 50 percent improvement in terms of pixel per inch rating.

Apple could also include a rear flash in the iPad Air 3, suggesting that this tablet would have superior photographic capabilities to any of the previous iPad releases. Of course, cameras are hardly particularly important in the tablet marketplace, but it is believed that Apple will look for any conceivable way to improve this tablet competitor once it reaches the market.

In what has been a testing time for the California-based corporation, Apple continues to deliver excellent sales and revenue figures; even if the city is lukewarm on these numbers. $50 billion of revenue and $10 million of profit in the most recent fiscal quarter pointed to a company in rude health, regardless of the recent slump in its share price. Despite some of the negative press that Apple has received recently, the iPad Air 3 can still be released into a positive climate for the corporation.

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3 Comments on "iPad Air 3 Concept Teases Possible Tablet Contender"

  1. shadowguy56121 | May 8, 2016, 8:05 pm at 8:05 pm |

    You know what they should do? They should drop the pencil support, 12MP
    camera (but keep the 5MP FaceTime Camera), drop the smart connector, and use the iPad Air or Air 2 “shell” and use it as a media consumption device and make the price lower.

    They could also only use the A9 CPU instead of A9X

  2. lattermanstudio | May 8, 2016, 2:45 pm at 2:45 pm |

    One question….. WHY???? Didn’t the new 9.7″ iPad “Pro” replace the “Air” series??? This ‘new’ Air model sounds superior in every way to the just released 9.7″ “Pro” model…… unless it become the new Pro Air or sum such thing or just replaces the hastily introduced 9.7″ “Pro”…… that would sound about right….

  3. Quote: “The latest iPad Pro even included the Apple Pencil stylus”

    That statement is incorrect. Both models of iPad Pro include SUPPORT for the Apple Pencil stylus, but it is NOT included in the box. The Apple Pencil costs an extra $99 USD.

    Even if Apple does release an iPad Air 3 later this year, which I think is highly unlikely, it will definitely not support both 3D Touch and the Apple Pencil, quad speakers, A10 processor, higher resolution, and 7000 Series aluminum. This feature combination would upstage the just released 9.7″ iPad Pro, and for that reason alone, it is simply not going to happen in 2016.

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