Google Play Unveils New Console For Android App Developers

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Google Play Unveils New Console For Android App Developers

Google Play just scrapped the old app developer console and unveiled a new system to make it easier for developers to design new programs for Android.

Currently, the Google Play store is home to over 600,000 apps, but it’s no easy task for app developers to create their programs for Google. It’s been reported that the current system makes it difficult to see if their app has been published.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) originally introduced the new console at their annual I/O conference last summer and up until now, it was in the beta phase.

The search giant wrote in a recent company blog post, “At its core, the Developer Console is how you put your app in front of hundreds of millions of Android users around the world, and track how your app is doing. We hope that with a streamlined publishing flow, new language options, and new user ratings statistics, you’ll have better tools for delivering great Android apps that delight users.”

What makes this new console different from the previous? It features an updated design, faster loading, a larger selection of new analytics, and more. The bad thing about the update is that is doesn’t feature some of the previous features from the old console, which means that users may have to switch back and forth. Google also noted that there would be additional changes in the near future.

The new developer console should prove to be a boon for web developers, it might also increase their amount of apps on Google Play. The key to a successful App store is to make it easier for companies and individuals to develop their own mobile applications. It’s been a long time coming, but it appears that Google may finally catch up with Apple in terms of the number of apps.

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