Google Pixel 2 Case Leak Hints About Upcoming Device

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It’s officially leak season in the tech world! The latest information comes from a Google Pixel 2 case leak. As much as tech enthusiasts love and appreciate these leaks; case manufacturers really need to figure out how to lock down their information. Not that we’re complaining… Without case manufacturers and their ability (or lack thereof) to retain sensitive information, tech writers might not have many leaks to report on.

Let’s jump into the leaks, shall we? The Google Pixel 2 case leaks come from Slashleaks and give a pretty clear look at what we may be able to expect once launch day rolls around. Best of all, this leak is a 2 for 1! We get a look at both the rumored Google Pixel 2 as well as the Google Pixel XL 2. Up until now, information about these devices has been locked down pretty tight. Other than some information from GFXBench there hasn’t been much to talk about concerning the duo of new devices other than pure speculation.

Let’s start with the Google Pixel 2 case. Judging by the view from the front, it doesn’t appear that there is much change in the design of the device. Of course, the case manufacturer may have just been given a generic mockup matching the aesthetics of the original Google Pixel. The only noticeable change might be smaller bezels along the sides. Again, however, it’s very hard to tell using this image as our only reference point. It’s also hard to tell if there is a notch for a dedicated button on the left-hand side of the Google Pixel 2 case. It’s easier to see in the empty case on the right. That space is about where the sim card slot appeared on the original Google Pixel. Usually phone cases don’t make space for a sim card slot to eject. This could signal that Google is offering a dedicated Google Assistant button on the upcoming Pixel 2. That would be similar to what Samsung has done on the Galaxy S8 with the dedicated Bixby AI button.

The back is a little more interesting. We see a circular cutout for what is most-likely a fingerprint sensor. This is in-line with the original Google Pixel’s design. The cutout for the camera is one of the most interesting features of this Google Pixel 2 case leak. The shape would not be necessary if the design stayed true to last year’s release. Therefore, we can safely speculate that the Google Pixel 2 will feature a dual camera sensor. Most flagship smartphones launching these days offer a dual camera sensor. We have seen this from Apple, LG, OnePlus, and in leaked renders of the Galaxy Note 8.  While dual camera sensors aren’t a groundbreaking leak, it’s nice to see Google is planning to keep up with the latest trends in their upcoming smartphone.

On the back, we can also more clearly see what appears to be a notch for a 3.5mm headphone port at the top of the device. If you own an expensive pair of headphones with a 3.5mm jack then you can breathe a sigh of relief. Google appears to be keeping the headphone jack alive, at least for one more year.

Along with the Google Pixel 2 case leak, we also have a Google Pixel XL 2 case leak. The mockup in this case leak is much more interesting than the Google Pixel 2 leak. While the Google Pixel 2 appears to be following many of the same design cues as its predecessor, the Google Pixel XL 2 seems to be making some notable changes. Owners of the original Pixel XL will immediately notice the thinner bezels along the top and bottom. The design seems to be following what other manufacturers like Samsung are doing. Smaller bezels should be reason to rejoice for most smartphone fans. We also see the 3.5mm headphone port, like the Google Pixel 2 case leak.

Unlike in the Google Pixel 2 images, however, the case to the right of the mockup is not flipped to show the backside. Obviously, with an empty case we can still see some great details but it’s hard to tell if there is a dedicated button on the left-hand side of the case as it appears to blend with the power button on the left case. I guess we will have to mark the dedicated Google Assistant button as “unconfirmed” for now.

The cutout for the rear-mounted fingerprint sensor remains the same as the original Google Pixel XL. However, the cutout for the camera sensor has clearly been changed from last year’s model. Again, this likely suggests dual camera sensors. It’s hard to imagine a flagship device launching in late 2017 not featuring a dual camera sensor.

All-in-all, the Google Pixel 2 case and Google Pixel XL 2 case leaks give us a pretty good idea of the design of these upcoming devices. Hopefully, for the sake of tech writers everywhere, more leaks are on the way.

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