Google Pixel 2 3D Renders Provide Best Impression Yet Of Smartphone

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In a week in which several leaks have emerged, some new Google Pixel 2 3D renders have really given us an insight into the smartphone. These are probably the most detailed renders of the forthcoming Google handset to emerge as of yet, and provide us with a strong impression of how the final device will appear.

New renders

The Google Pixel 2 3D renders in question are based on CAD blueprints and leaked live photos of the highly anticipated mobile, and even offer us a rare glimpse of the sides of the smartphone. There are still some details not revealed by the images, though, with no impression given of where the antenna lines of the smartphone will appear, for example.

Based on these renders, it seems that Google will go against the industry zeitgeist and deliver a Google Pixel 2 unit with significantly sized bezels. Both the upper and lower reaches of the display feature a quite significant amount of bezel, which is a departure from the previously released Galaxy S8, and the design parameters expected from both the iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8.

Headphone jack gone

These Google Pixel 2 3D renders also suggest that the mega-corporation will eliminate the 3.5mm headphone jack, which has been such a feature of smartphone devices over the years. Of course, Apple has already removed the port from the iPhone generation, and this decision is expected to migrate to other mobiles in the near future as well.

It would nonetheless be slightly surprising for Google to remove the headphone jack so shortly after poking fun at Apple in its official Pixel announcement trailer. Still, the consumer electronics industry always moves fast, and the manufacturer may have simply decided that the headphone jack is becoming obsolete. Certainly a tendency for wireless music playback is increasing.

Google Pixel 2 3D Renders

Black exterior

One of the interesting aspects of leaked images and renders of the Google Pixel 2 thus far is the dearth of colour choices. This doesn’t necessarily represent the actual policy of Google in this area, but it is still noticeable that all available images of the Google Pixel 2 have featured a black exterior.

Regardless of this, and most analysts believe that Very Silver and Really Blue will make a reappearance in 2017, alongside the so-called Quite Black version. Reports have also suggested that Pixel 2 users may be provided with a red option in the forthcoming generation as well.

While the Google Pixel 2 3D renders provide interesting clues into the future direction of the smartphone, other leaks and images of the mobile have also provided some insight. Another leak has seen a Google Pixel 2 tipster provide a photograph of what is believed to be the actual unit, albeit in an early development phase.

Glass panelling

And the most interesting aspect of this smartphone is the smaller glass panel on the black, indicating a minor design change from the first Google Pixel iteration. Within the same image, two LEDs are discernible in the flash next to the single-lens camera. This gives us a strong idea of how the camera provision in the Google Pixel 2 may appear, although it will be somewhat disappointing if the manufacturer fails to include a dual-lens unit, as now seems likely.

This leak also indicated that Google will eradicate the 3.5mm headphone jack in the forthcoming generation, but also that stereo speakers will be included on the front panel of the device. Early reports on the feel of the handset suggest that it is sleek and elegant, which will be welcome news for those considering purchasing the device.

Google Pixel 2 3D Renders

Standard specs

While there could be as many as three Google Pixel 2 devices released in 2017, it has been reported that the developer intends to standardize specifications across all models. This suggests that the base specs of all Google Pixel 2 releases will be identical, although differing screen resolutions have been anticipated in some quarters.

Squeezable frame

Although the Google Pixel 2 3D renders display the sides of the device, what they do not convey is one of the more intriguing features linked with this next-generation handset. It is believed that the Google Pixel 2 will benefit from a squeezable frame that enables users to launch applications by pressing down with varying degrees of sensitivity.

Such a system has already been implemented in the HTC U11, and thus it wouldn’t be surprising if it were to appear in the Google Pixel 2, considering that HTC is involved in the manufacturing of Pixel devices.

Google is also expected to beef up several of the specs included in the Google Pixel 2, with dust proofing and waterproofing expected to be a particular focus. Considering that the Pixel 2 is set for an affordable price tag in the range of $699, it seems that it will be an extremely credible smartphone contender when it launches in what is expected to be October.

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