Google Introduces Google Pay To Replace Android Pay And Google Wallet

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Google is starting to integrate both the Android Pay and Google Wallet functionality into one service – Google Pay. As a result, on Tuesday, Google’s new unified payments service launched an app for the Android devices. As of now, only the Android version of the app is available.

With Google Pay, the search engine giant is making a third attempt at the mainstream payment service. The new app is divided into two halves – “Home” and “Cards” tabs. The former displays the recent payment activities, local store offers and rewards among other information, while the latter offers individual debit, credit, reward and gift cards.

Similar to Android Pay, users would have the option to save the cards and payment information in the app to use it for making purchases on different websites and apps via a Chrome or Android device. The app can also be used for transit in cities such as London, Portland and Kiev, but much would depend on the public transit of the city, notes The Verge.

Speaking to TechCrunch, Google’s VP of Product Management for Payments, Pali Bhat, said that the team was focused on simplifying the payment service and offer users a simple payment solution for purchasing goods online, as well as in brick and mortar stores. Bhat stated that developers were given a very simple API to implement Google Pay.

“The API is simple because we are not processing that payment. We just securely pass the credentials to whoever is doing it,” Bhat told.

It implies that users having an account in Bank of America in the U.S. or Mbank in Poland can set up Google Pay from their banking app itself without the need to install Google Pay. After the setup, users can simply make payments online and at stores.

To switch to the new app, those already using Android Pay just need to install the new update as and when it arrives. Once the update is complete, Android Pay would simply re-sleeve into Google Pay. Also, whatever debit and credit information was stored in Android Pay would be carried over to Google Pay.

Those who are new to the service would need to download the app from Google Play, and then proceed as per the instructions for adding the cards and activating the services. In case Google Pay finds that your device lacks the needed hardware, it will automatically let you know, notes LifeHacker.

For making a purchase at an actual store, a user needs to look for the “GPay” logo or the picture of a NFC terminal. Thereafter, unlock the phone and position it near to the scanner. Once the connection is established, a user needs to follow the instructions on the screen and enter a PIN or sign to confirm.

For those looking for an option to send money to friends or family would require downloading the separate app called Google Pay Send for now. Eventually, this functionality will be added to the main Google Pay app.

This new app has already got support from names like DoorDash, Hotel Tonight, Airbnb among others. Google is promising to rollout Google Pay to all its services and products including Chrome and Assistant.

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