Google Nexus 6 Users Bitten By Data Connection Issue

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The Google Nexus 6, launched in late 2014, was the first Android phone to come with Android 5.0 Lollipop. Though the device is almost two years old, many are still using it. However, over the past few days, it appears many Nexus 6 owners have been facing an issue with their data connection.

Is Pokemon GO to blame?

Google’s Nexus 6, which was manufactured by Motorola, was the first Nexus to focus on high-end quality and feel, from the screen to the frame build, up to all the internals and the software as well. The latest issues have somewhat tarnished this image, affecting users all over the world.

In the U.S., most of the users facing the issue seem to be subscribed to the T-Mobile network, based on analysis of Google’s product forum. Several users first encountered the issue when they turned on their GPS to play Pokemon GO or Ingress. After this, they reported that they lost their data connection.

“I am on T-mobile’s network and since yesterday when the GPS is activated on my phone for Pokemon GO or Ingress my phone loses its’ [sic] data connection until I reboot the phone,” said one user.

T-Mobile has acknowledged the problem and said it is working with Motorola and Google to address the issue. Google also admitted the connection problem on its product forum and said its team is working on it. Earlier, several forum users speculated that the issue could be the result of the August Security Update, which was released on Sunday, but other users with devices running on older Android builds or custom ROMs are also facing the issue.

Try this temporary fix for Google Nexus 6

T-Mobile’s page is filled with complaints about the data connection issue. There appears to be no pattern in the time or location, and the complaints are coming from all over the country. One of the affected T-Mobile users told Androidpolice that the customer service department could fix the issue with a manual over-the-air update via Wi-Fi, but the issue comes back to again in a day or two.

“We hear you – it’s affecting Nexus 6 users worldwide! We’re engaged with Google and Motorola, so we’re trying to get…,” read a tweet from T-Mobile.

Some users have rebooted their devices to get a temporary fix, while others have changed the ROMs, but this is only a temporary fix as the issue hit again after some time. Users will have to wait for Google and T-Mobile to address the issue soon as mobile data and GPS connections are very important features that are used on a daily basis. It must be noted that not all Nexus 6 owners are experiencing the issue.

Even though a fix is in works, this temporary fix could get you relief for now. Go to Settings -> Apps. Then tap three dots at the upper right, then Show System, and scroll down to Google Connectivity Services. Next, tap three dots at the upper right, and then Uninstall Updates. Then do a full power-down reboot.

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