Google Nexus 6P Users Report Another Major Issue

Google Nexus 6P Users Report Another Major Issue
Photo by Domenic K.

Google’s Nexus 6P by Huawei, which is just one month old, has already created a lot of buzz but for all the wrong reasons. Previously, Nexus 6P buyers complained about the shattering rear camera glass covering, and now there are concerns about the built-in microphone.

What causes the issue?

Users of many of Google’s product forums and some researchers claim that the Huawei-Google Nexus 6P’s microphone is giving low-quality, muffled in-call sound, says a report from Forbes. Though some users claim that the issue is resolved on covering the rear-mounted microphone, others claim that doing so causes it. The latest phones come with many microphones, so there are good chances the issue with the microphone could be due to a software bug with the noise cancellation. One of the users on the Google forum said disabling noise cancellation fully has helped in resolving the issue.

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