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Google Drive, GChat, Hootsuite All Down [UPDATE]

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It appears as if GChat, Google Hangouts, Google Drive and Hootsuite are all finally back up and running after spending several hours on the fritz.


Google still not acknowledging outage

Although Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s Apps Status Dashboard still doesn’t indicate a problem, more and more users are reporting that GChat, Google Hangouts and Google Drive are still down. However, Gmail appears to still be working.

The last time Google services went down for any significant length of time was in January. That outage affected Gmail, which went down two times within two weeks.

Hootsuite updates outage

Hootsuite has provided another update to its service disruption, saying they “briefly had to shut off the tubes to take care of some important maintenance” and that they would “be back up shortly.”


Currently Google Drive, GChat, Google Hangouts, and Hootsuite are experiencing issues. As of this writing, Google’s Apps Dashboard does not show a problem with any of its services, although Twitter is lighting up with people complaining about Google Drive and GChat being down.

Users report problems with Google apps

Some have questioned whether Hootsuite is the one that’s having issues or whether it is Twitter, but Twitter seems to be working just fine for most people, since they’re able to use it to complain so much about the other services being down.

According to Down Detector, Google has been having problems since 12:05 Eastern. It’s interesting how quickly the complaints about it rack up. You would think the sky was falling.

Hootsuite updates situation

Hootsuite finally posted a notice on its Twitter feed that it is indeed having problems. The company said it is “experiencing extreme delays or errors when attempting to load the dashboard. It reports that some users are seeing a 500 error or “inability to load the dashboard.” Hootsuite also noted “degraded service” on its iOS and Android mobile apps. Users of Hootsuite can check out this link for more updates on what’s going on with that service.

Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOG) still has yet to officially notify users that it is having problems.

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