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Gmail Service Down In Many Countries, But It’s Back Up Now

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Hundreds of millions of people rely on the Gmail service for communication, collaboration, and work. So, when Gmail went down, a lot of users took it to Twitter and other social networks to complain about the outage. I was getting a ‘404 Error’ message again and again when trying to login to my Gmail account in Chrome browser on my Windows PC at around 6 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday. The service appears to be up and running now for most people without any issue.

The Gmail service outage began at 6:16 AM EST

According to Down Detector, thousands of users from Europe, India, and many other countries began logging reports of Gmail outage at 6:16 AM Eastern Time on Tuesday. Some people said the Gmail service was down across all platforms and browsers while others noticed the issue only on select platforms. The outage appears to affect many parts of the world.


As per Down Detector, about 42% users reported problems with log-in while 31% said they were unable to receive messages. Another 25% users complained that they were unable to access the Gmail website. One user said on Twitter, “There’s definitely a problem. Hope it will be sorted soon as I need to use email.”

While users have bombarded Twitter and other platforms with complaints, the Gmail support has refused to acknowledge any issues with the service. Google hasn’t confirmed the outage. The Google app’s status dashboard lists no issues with the Gmail service, though most users including me disagree. It asked users to clear the browser cache and try logging in again.

For the uninitiated, the ‘404 Error’ is a standard error in the world of Internet communications. It means your request has reached the right server, but the server couldn’t find what you were looking for. Though Gmail is working for me as of this writing, complaints from many parts of the world continue to emerge.

Earlier, the Google Play Store app was also crashing randomly, reports Piunikaweb. The Google Play Twitter account recommended the affected users to clear the cache by going to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store > Storage > Empty the cache. Many users reported later that it worked for them.


If it still didn’t work for you, the Play Store support team recommends uninstalling the Play Store update. You can do it by going to Settings > Applications > Play Store > Plus (3 small dots) > Uninstall the updates. Now launch the app and see if it works.

Fortnite is back up now

Separately, popular game Fortnite had gone down for many players on Monday. The support team confirmed in a tweet that they were aware of the problem and working on a fix. Fortnite was undergoing a downtime, so many users were unable to log-in to the service.

Epic Games, the developer behind the blockbuster title, said on its status page that it had “identified an issue with logins and some players may have trouble connecting to Epic Games services.” The problems have been resolved and the app is working as expected now. Fortnite generated about $2.4 billion in revenues – mostly through in-app purchases – in 2018.

“We are observing recovery to Epic Games services as a result of the fixes we’ve implemented, and will continue to monitor to ensure full recovery,” says Epic Games on its status page.

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