Global Car Sales to See an Upward Trend in 2017

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As per the Global Auto Report released by Scotiabank in January 2017, global car sales are likely to be on the upward rising curve for a record eighth consecutive year. Car sales saw a sharp increase globally in the final months of 2016, which is a good indicator of what is to come in the present year for the auto industry.

The United States and Western Europe is likely to see an increased demand in terms of replacement, while the emerging markets will see a rise, contrary to declining sales as noticed in the past years. However, China is expected to show lesser growth, i.e. only about one percent in comparison to the six percent rise in 2016.

Global Car Sales Statistics In 2016     

The statistics for 2016 shed a light on car sales in the previous year. By looking into them, interested people may know as to how automobile companies fared and which cars stole the show in the global car market.

The best-selling car was the Toyota Corolla, notching up a massive 946,000 units in sales. The Corolla was followed by the Volkswagen Golf (740,000), Ford F-Series (739,000), Ford Focus (564,000), and the Hyundai Elantra (555,000). These cars made the top half of the highest sales list.

However, things change a bit when you look at the biggest manufacturer list. Volkswagen topped this list, producing over 10.1 million units in the previous year. In second place is Toyota, having produced 9.95 million units in the year. Renault-Nissan produced 8.51 million units and took the third spot, followed by Kia Motors and Hyundai in fourth place (8.17 million units). General Motors wound up the top half with 7.97 million units.

The remaining five cars in the highest selling chart are the Volkswagen Polo (549,000), Toyota RAV4, Honda CR-V, Toyota Camry and the Honda Civic. On a similar note, Ford, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, PSA Peugeot Citroen and Suzuki make up the final five of the biggest manufacturers list.

One interesting thing to note is the discrepancy at the top of both the lists. While Toyota tops the sales list in the form of the Corolla, the biggest manufacturer spot is occupied by the German major Volkswagen.

Finally, when we take a look at the international car sales, we get a total of 75.24 million units sold. China took top spot, selling 23.2 million, followed by the US (17.5 million units), Germany (3.32 million units), India (2.12 million units) and Canada (1.96 million units). The last three spots are occupied by Mexico, Brazil and Russia.

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