Get A Holiday Win By Gifting Your Used Devices

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Holiday shopping has become more stressful than ever before as supply chain challenges are resulting in limited supply of in-demand items, smaller holiday shipping windows, and longer freight deliveries. About 50% of shoppers have found popular items being out of stock most of the time while many are anticipating a 30% slowdown in holiday shipping for first-class mail. 83% longer China-U.S. shipping periods are also a factor in the supply chain issues.

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Gift Your Used Devices For Christmas

Supply chain disruptions are especially hitting the tech industry hard, especially in terms of costs. The chip shortages are increasing the prices of electronics with a single gadget costing as much as $50. The cost of shipping containers, air freight deliveries, and truck deliveries have all increased with containers costing nearly 14 times more to ship compared to just two years ago and air cargo rates from Asia to the U.S. increasing 40% in three months. As a result, top tech gifts that are on many people’s wish lists are selling out fast.

Yet all is not lost: repairing used tech and gifting them this holiday season can be an easy solution with several benefits. Tech repair is an eco-friendly, fast, and cost effective way of beating the tech shortages. With more than 120 million used smartphones available around the world and at least 70% of consumers having at least one unused electronic at home, repairing a used device is more accessible than trying to buy a new one. Fixing instead of replacing tech can save consumers in America more than $40 billion yearly.

Another positive of repairing tech is the simple process it entails. 9% of tech tune-up visits deal with fixing the USB port, charging port, or headphone jacks. Cleaning the charging port can even be done for free. Changing the hard drive boosts performance and the amount of storage a device has, especially for game consoles. Battery replacements can help devices last several years longer while screen replacements can help devices look almost like new. All of this can be done for much less money compared to buying a brand new gadget, which can cost hundreds of dollars.

If you’re thinking of regifting your used devices for Christmas this year, you can trust the professionals at uBreakiFix by Asurion to offer you the best service. With more than 13 million device fixes and over 740 locations across North America, uBreakiFix can help you avoid the tech store chaos and prepare the tech gifts you need for the holidays.

Holiday Tech Shortages

Infographic source: ubreakifix