How To Get iOS 7 Parallax Effect On iOS 6 [Cydia Tweak]

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In iOS 7, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) introduced a brand new effect to the table, known as parallax effect, which makes the home screen appear in 3D. With this effect, the background slightly moves to the position of your device. However, some people like this parallax effect while some don’t, and that’s why there’s a way to disable this parallax effect on iOS 7.

Now let’s say you’re using iOS 6, and you want that parallax effect. How would you do that? That’s exactly where a Cydia tweak will help, provided you’ve jailbroken your iOS 6 device.

iOS tweak requires jailbreak

When it comes to iPhone or iOS device in general, Apple is known to restrict users from installing any apps outside of the App Store. And that’s where exactly the process of jailbreak helps such users to free their devices from the chains of Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). Once jailbroken, users can install any number of tweaks and apps outside the App Store.

This tweak is known by the name DeepEnd, which is for iOS 6 users who want the parallax effect on their homescreens. Note that you don’t need to install this tweak if you’re on iOS 7, as the effect already comes bundled with the OS.

You need to have an iPhone 4 or newer or an iPod Touch 4G or newer to install this tweak, as it requires a gyroscope to bring you the parallax effect. Of course, the iPhone 4 supports iOS 7, but there are still many people out there who’re running iOS 6 and don’t want to update (and they have their own reasons to do so).

For those who can’t find DeepEnd by searching on Cydia, they need to add a new repo to Cydia which is “” To do this, launch Cydia and tap on Manage. Navigate to Sources > Edit > Add and then type the above repo web address. Once you’ve added the repo, you’ll then be able to find DeepEnd.

Once installed, you’ll be able to configure three settings: zoom, pinch and roll by moving the sliders. Now this is something that even the native parallax effect doesn’t offer.

So go ahead and try out this new tweak and give your old iOS 6 a new parallax effect (provided you don’t plan to update to iOS 7).

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