Here’s How To Get Free Extra Storage On Google Drive and OneDrive

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Many cloud storage services are being generous and giving away a few GBs of free storage space these days. Microsoft’s OneDrive and Google’s Drive both are offering new sign ups some GBs for free, provided you follow the following steps.


Microsoft’s OneDrive (previously SkyDrive) has grown rapidly in popularity over the last few months, mainly because of its improved feature set and also because of more free storage space (now up to 15 GB).

If you want to increase this storage space for free, then Microsoft will give you 100 GB of storage for two years. This 100GB storage space is a part of Bing rewards. However, the best part is that you don’t need to use any Bing credits, all you have to do is to agree to receive promotional emails from OneDrive.

The only catch seems to be that the free 100 GBs storage deal is only available for those living in the U.S., but you can still check out this link to see what you think.

Google Drive

Google, as part of the Safer Internet Day celebration, is also offering customers 2 GB of free storage space in Drive. To get the free space, all you have to do is to complete a simple security checkup from here, which Google says  can be completed in 2 minutes or less. Note that you should take this security check by 17 February 2015 to get a permanent 2 gigabyte bump in your Google Drive storage plan.

Once you have completed the checkup, you’ll be able to see three green checkboxes that confirm you’re eligible for the free storage. This storage will be automatically given to everyone on February 28th of 2015. You’ll also get an email message when your storage limit has been increased.

Note: Google Apps for Work and Google Apps for Education users are not eligible for this bonus storage.

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