Get 100GB Of OneDrive Storage By Exchanging Bing Reward Points

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Microsoft is yet again offering 100GB of free OneDrive storage space, but this time, you’ll need to be using Bing to redeem your free 100GB of online space, for a full one year. Let’s get in to the details and learn how it works.

OneDrive users get 7GB of free space upon signing up, but there are some ways to get more free storage space, for example, by referring friends, by using the camera upload feature, and such. However, Microsoft’s now offering 100GB of space if you’re ready to use, or have used Bing.

It’s worth noting that your free 100 gigs will last only for one year, and after that, you’ll need to pay if you want to retain the extra space (apart from the usual 7GB space). Now that you’ve been warned, let’s learn how to get this 100GB of space for free on OneDrive.

How to get 100 gigs of space on OneDrive

To get the free storage space, you’ll need to spend 100 Bing Reward points, and the good thing is that it can be easily earned.

You can earn Bing Reward points by performing Bing web searches and also by inviting friends to Bing rewards. If you invite friends to Bing, then you get a cool 200 points. This way, earning up to 100 credits won’t need much effort. Bing Rewards also can be redeemed across other Microsoft products such as Xbox, Skype, Windows Phone and Windows Store.

Normally, 100GB per year costs $50, but if you can get this space for free, provided you hurry and take advantage of this offer. Microsoft hasn’t mentioned an ending date for this promotion yet.

Initially, Microsoft also provided 100GB to first 100,000 users who signed up for OneDrive. If you anyhow missed that offer, then don’t forget to take advantage of this new offer.

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