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Virtual Reality, for many years, has been seen as a fascinating yet somehow implausible dream for gaming world fans. But as technology has progressed, the gaming world has followed, shifting the idea from a hopeful vision into a realm of endless possibilities.
Whether you’re a first-person-shooter, a horror fiend, or a sporty type, the VR world is continually expanding. have created a stunning graphic to visualise the timeline of different genres of VR, showing how they’ve grown and the best technology to purchase for it.

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Here are some of the highlights and innovations from the genres that were focused on:
Puzzle – Since the 80s fans have been captivated by video-games like Tetris that demand fast but logical thinking. VR accessories like Leap Motion are bringing brainteasers into the space-age with releases like ‘Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes’ which constructs the intense experience of a bomb-disposal unit.
Flight Simulator – One of the staples of the gaming world throughout its short history is the piloting of a plane, jet fighter or even a spaceship. Gamers can use groundbreaking technology Icaros to now imitate the sensation of flying or using a wing-suit. Beyond simply flying, the thought of Star Wars Battlefront in a VR setting is an undoubtedly exciting prospect for many.
Platformer – For decades fans have enjoyed the platform setting on games like Mario and Donkey Kong, never getting the opportunity to immerse themselves in the physical experience itself. For just under $600, fans can use the Cyberith Virtualizer to run and jump just like the characters they grew up with.
First-Person-Shooter (FPS) – A genre that is probably regarded as the pioneer for plunging gamers into the experience is the First-Person-Shooter. Games like Wolfenstein, Doom and Call of Duty are cornerstones of the industry so it’s unsurprising to see it get the VR treatment. The KOR-FX Haptic Gaming Vest simulates the physical nature of combat, making you feel as if you’re immersed in an actual firefight.
Some other genres which NetEntStalker have researched in great detail are categories like racing, action-adventure, sports, MMORPG and even survival which brings zombie apocalypses into the VR realm. As the industry continues to advance and innovate, gaming world fans are becoming able to enjoy the immersive qualities of gaming in ways they would never have envisaged possible. Make sure to check out the full list of genres and the VR technology being created for them on the full infographic here.

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