Leap Motion Unveils Hand Gesture Controller

Leap Motion Unveils Hand Gesture Controller

Leap Motion could have the key to next generation technology. The company is launching a controller that uses hand gestures to interact. This new controller is a small USB device that easily plugs into a computer and enables users to interact with the computer using simple hand gestures.

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Leap Motion Unveils Hand Gesture Controller

Leap Motion controller features

The Leap Motion Controller features two camera sensors and three infrared LED  lights. The company’s president and COO Andy Miller says, “There’s a reason now to use your computer. We let people do things they couldn’t do well before. It’s opening up a new world to interact with computers and a new space, literally. We break down the space between yourself and your computer.”

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What’s more is that Leap Motion will soon launch their own app store  with about eighty applications. Although many of them are free to download (about 30 percent of them), the paid apps range from $0.99 to $99.00, the latter of which is a powerful CAD-oriented application. Their app revenue will be 70/30 for the developers, like Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL). The applications are downloadable to the computer. The company also allows for other companies to use the same technology for browser applications although those won’t be featured in the store.

As with most application stores, this one features a wide and vast selection including music, content, games, and more. Some of these apps come from well-known companies like Google or New York Times. Other notable applications includes Swoosh, a special application that allows users to pull music from their iTunes collections and allows you to control it on record.

Functions of Leap Motion Controller

This could be the beginning of something amazing. According to Tech Crunch, “What Leap Motion can do now (scrolling and paging through apps and virtual environments, completing next and back functions) is a far cry from what it will likely eventually be able to do, however. The Leap Motion and devices like it are a long bet, and I think the companies behind them understand this; we’ll see a bit of what they’re capable of shown off in tech demos and current generation software, but what they’re offering is an entirely new paradigm for thinking about digital interaction. That means it’ll take time before developers wrap their head around what kind of software experience fits this mould.”

Only time will tell if Leap Motion Controller becomes a hit.

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