Galaxy S9 Specs Leak: Phone To Feature Snapdragon 845 Processor

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Despite the Galaxy S8 being recently released, there’s already rumors and speculation floating around the web about what we can expect from the upcoming S9. With many manufacturers — Samsung included — releasing a new flagship yearly, it’s reasonable to expect we could expect the S9 sometime in early to mid 2018. Although the release is still a ways off, this new Galaxy S9 specs leak gives us some key information on what might be in store for adopters of Samsung’s latest and greatest.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Specs Leak

It’s important to remember that any leak or rumor regarding an upcoming phone should be taken with a grain of salt. With the phone’s release likely more than a few months away, any of these specifications are subject to change. Still, from reliable sources, we can get a good picture of the power that the Galaxy S9 is packing.

The phone’s display will actually be slightly smaller than the S8, coming in at 5.77 inches vs the S8’s 5.8 panel. Although this difference is negligible, it’s actually rather refreshing that the phone isn’t continuing to grow in size. As customers use their phones more often for media, the size of screens has continued to rise. A sight reduction in size, even if it’s not noticeable, is a welcome change compared to making the phone so big that it’s difficult to hold. In addition to being a manageable size, the S9 will feature the familiar QHD+ Super Amoled Infinity display, just like its predecessor.

As far as power goes, the Galaxy S9 specs leak suggests that the S9 will ship with the Snapdragon 845, an upcoming processor from Qualcomm that has yet to be released. Qualcomm provides chips for the majority of high-end flagships, and the fact that the best technology from the company will be included in the S9 says great things about the phone’s potential for power and functionality. Backing up this processor is between 4 GB and 6 GB of RAM — plenty enough for most tasks, but actually not the highest on the market.

We’ll almost certainly see some sort of fingerprint scanner on the phone, but we hope that it will be placed in a more convenient place when compared to this current generation. As more and more phones opt for designs with extremely small bezels, Samsung has had to seek out other alternatives to a front-facing traditional scanner on the bottom of the phone. However, rumors of upcoming phones from competitors suggest that many companies are taking advantage of new technology that allows a scanner to be implanted underneath the display. If Samsung were to take implement this new development, it would allow for a seamless display without a clunkily placed scanner.

Other than that, the Galaxy S9 tech specs leak largely just gives us some specifications that are to be expected from any high-end phone. 4G LTE connectivity, WiFi, and other basic inclusions that would be bizarre to omit.

What We’d Like To See

Samsung is in a really good place as one of the premier producers of smartphones, but in an increasingly competitive market they’ll need to innovate if they’d like to stay on top. It’s very unlikely that their sales will drop considerably, but with Apple busting out new technology like Face ID and seeing great success with the iPhone X, Samsung will need to add something beyond more power to keep up with the crowd.

At this point, the majority of flagships offer performance that can handle pretty much any smartphone task. Whether its gaming or watching your favorite show, at a certain point you’ll be fine with almost any luxury phone. As smaller companies bridge the gap between mediocrity and premium quality offered by the likes of Samsung, we could soon see a market with much more variety and competition than the current arena that’s largely dominated by Apple and Samsung.

Samsung should be offering something brand new with the S9. The past few releases have been incredibly popular, but outside of more power and some interesting quirky features, there hasn’t really been anything revolutionary that has come out of the Korean tech giant. With phones like the Samsung Galaxy X featuring cool improvements like a foldable display, is there any reason to buy the latest iteration in the Galaxy S line?

As we’ve mentioned above, the information provided is reliable yet preliminary. The details of the phone haven’t been leaked to the public, so it’s likely we’re missing a few pieces of this puzzle — and even the pieces we have may not even be correct. The information from the Galaxy S9 specs leak suggesting the inclusion of the newest processor from Qualcomm is a great foundation, but we really need to see more. Whether Samsung can deliver something that impresses consumers rather than a simple incremental upgrade remains to be seen, but it would be in their best interests to start innovating.

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