Galaxy S9 Bezel-Less Device Mooted By New Leaks

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A new report suggests that there may be a Galaxy S9 bezel-less version released in 2018. This would very much correlate with the smartphone zeitgeist in terms of design, as Samsung’s great rival Apple has also moved to a wraparound display with the premium iPhone X.

Galaxy S9 Bezel-less design

According to a source close to the Korean company’s supply chain, the Galaxy S9 may feature a design with almost no bezel whatsoever. It is believed that the Galaxy S9 will feature an impressive 90 percent this screen-to-body ratio, which would be an improvement over the 84 percent of the Galaxy S8 and approximate 81 percent figure associated with the iPhone X.

It is believed that the additional 6 percent of space in the Galaxy S9 generation will result in the bottom bezel of the device being almost entirely eliminated. Furthermore, the top bezel will be slimmer than the bottom bezel in the existing Galaxy S8.

A Galaxy S9 bezel-less design would be particularly attractive to consumers, as it could enable Samsung to include a larger display in the smartphone, while still retaining device size. Or, of course, another option would be to reduce the overall size of the smartphone.

Unanmed source

While this rumor may be enticing for those considering purchasing the Android device, it should also be noted that the source in question is unnamed and unknown. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the whispers on this subject have no credibility, but many rumors related to Samsung releases ultimately have no basis in reality.

Although Samsung essentially pioneered the wraparound display, the corporation will nonetheless feel the need to respond directly to the recent iPhone X. It would be fair to say that this new handset has been a runaway success for Apple, garnering both a strong critical reception and an exceptional consumer reaction.

However, Samsung is not taking a generic approach to the Galaxy S9 bezel-less model, as its device will feature a tiny sliver of bezel running right across the display, as opposed to the notch jumping out of the iPhone X.

Release date

Other recent reports also indicate that we may find out about the existence of this Galaxy S9 bezel-less design sooner rather than later. It is asserted by some sources that Samsung is intending to release the Galaxy S9 on an earlier date than previous iterations of the series.

This could see the mobile unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, which takes place in January. In previous years, the Galaxy S range has debuted at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, which is held roughly six weeks after CES.

However, other reports instead suggest that the Consumer Electronics Show will merely be used to tease the Galaxy S9 and and Galaxy S9 Plus, with Samsung instead holding a unique unveiling event in March.

Tock year

Aside from the Galaxy S9 bezel-less design, it is suggested that the forthcoming generation of the Samsung flagship can be considered a ‘tock’ year. This somewhat confusing term reveals to the so-called ‘tick tock’ dynamic, which has been used to describe Apple’s approach of alternating between upgrades and significant rebooting of the iPhone concept.

Thus, the Galaxy S9 is expected to be largely an upgraded device, rather than a significant redesign of the Samsung flagship. However, there is no doubt that the Korean corporation has high hopes for the Galaxy S9, as the two devices in this product range have already reportedly been codenamed internally as Star 1 and Star 2.

4K debate

One of the intriguing debates regarding the Galaxy S9 bezel-less edition is whether Samsung will choose to introduce 4K resolution technology for the first time. This has been anticipated as an aspect that Samsung would look to include in a Galaxy release sooner rather than later, but the Korean corporation has resisted temptation thus far.

But with 4K resolution beginning to seriously seep into the mainstream, it could be the time for the manufacturer to produce its first ever 4K OLED panel. Both the recent Xbox One X and PS4 Pro video games consoles have been significantly marketed by the touting of their 4K capabilities, and it seems possible that Samsung could follow suit with the Galaxy S9.

Conversely, Samsung has previously reserved some of its biggest steps forward for the Galaxy Note range, which is generally seen as the testing ground for such technology. However, in the Galaxy Note 8 generation, Samsung was undoubtedly more conservative than usual. This was due to the fact that the Galaxy Note 7 had been such a disaster, and the manufacturer needed a solid and reliable release with the Note 8.

This could have dissuaded the developer from including 4K technology in the Galaxy Note 8, even though this may have been desired internally. This could lead Samsung to introduce 4K resolution for the first time when the Galaxy S9 is released, which would be a serious boost to the commercial prospects of the handset.


Another new technology being linked with the Galaxy S9 bezel-less edition is a new dual-camera mechanism. Cutting edge technology will be utilized in order to manufacture this, meaning that the photographic capabilities of the Korean handset will be superior to any previous release from Samsung. With 10nm manufacturing processes being used, the early indications are that the Galaxy S9 will feature one of the most advanced snappers among smartphone releases.

Samsung undoubtedly experienced an impressive 2017, but must deliver outstanding devices next year in order to keep up the momentum. It sounds as if preparation is already well underway in order to achieve this.

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