Galaxy S7 To Include Micro SD And Abandon Flatscreens

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The latest details about the Samsung Galaxy S7 suggests that the Korean corporation could include micro SD slots. This would enable consumers of the flagship smartphone to upgrade the memory of the device. This would be extremely welcome considering that the micro SD slot has been eliminated from Galaxy smartphones since the Galaxy S5, but could be considered a necessity depending on the other specifications of the smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Memory issues

It is notable that the Galaxy S6 was only armed with 64GB storage, and evidently Samsung is attempting to improve the situation. This could be particularly valuable for the next generation handset if Samsung decides to include 4K resolution with the device, something that has been linked with the Galaxy range for quite some time. Sony has recently released the world’s 4K mobile, and the Korean corporation is expected to follow suit sooner rather than later.

Should Samsung decide to go 4K with the Galaxy S7, this would necessitate the sort of media that eats up storage space. This would mean that the inclusion of a micro SD slot was logical for Samsung, enabling the corporation to produce a Galaxy S7 which truly met the needs of consumers. It is also important to note that Apple has imbued the iPhone range with the capability to store 128GB of information in recent releases, so Samsung also must respond to the market-leading company.

Another interesting aspect of the Galaxy S7 that is emerging is the expected release date of the smartphone. It looks increasingly unlikely that Samsung is preparing this for February 21, ahead of the Mobile World Congress. This would mean that the trade show in Barcelona would correlate with the actual release of the device, whereas in previous years it has been the venue for new unveilings of the Galaxy S device.

There are a lot of murmurings also doing the rounds that Samsung is preparing to release three Samsung Galaxy S7 flagship mobiles simultaneously. This will be done in an attempt to eat into Apple’s market lead, with Samsung effectively simplifying its mobile range, and producing a flagship smartphone that can challenge the iconic iPhone. However, not all analysts agree with this prediction, some believe that Samsung is about to really double down on its curved screen technology.

Samsung has enjoyed some relatively lean times over the last couple of years, with sales in both 2014 and 2015 disappointing for the consumer electronics giant. Profits and market share have both declined considerably, with even the critically well received Galaxy S6 selling in slightly disappointing numbers compared to previous iterations of the series. Apple continues to dominate the mobile marketplace, and the Korean Timese even suggested that Samsung will be looking to reduce its workforce before the end of the year to cut costs.

“Samsung’s top priority is to save costs. Average workers with mediocre performance are being advised to leave the company with a sizable compensation,” it was reported in the Korean newspaper.

Flatscreen to go?

So the Galaxy S7 has a great deal of importance to Samsung. This really needs to be a massive success for the corporation after the below-par performance of the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge. it is expected in line with this the Korean corporation will significantly recalibrate the overall design of the Galaxy S series when the Galaxy S7 is released, with a much greater emphasis being placed on the curved edge technology that has become particularly popular for corporation.

When the Galaxy S6 was launched, both flatscreen and curved screen variants were available, but it is now being suggested that the curved screen could be standard in the Galaxy S7, with Samsung eliminating the regular display completely. This would be a bold move from the consumer electronics giant, even when one takes into consideration that Samsung has become increasingly associated with curved screen technology.

There is no doubt that its range of curved screen television sites have become hugely popular, selling extremely well for the company. Samsung has been the world’s largest manufacturer and retailer of TV sets since 2008, and although its performance in the mobile marketplace has been slightly disappointing, sales of its high-end televisions have very much cemented its dominant position in the marketplace.

It seems that Samsung is planning to trade on this cachet and carve out a similar niche for itself in the mobile marketplace in an attempt to seriously challenge Apple. This would mean that the Galaxy S7 will be available in 5.2-inch and 5.7-inch models when it goes on sale, both of which will be curved in nature.

Galaxy Note question marks

This latest information about the flagship smartphone suggests that there will not be a third variant of the handset after all, and that Samsung will eliminate flatscreen models from the Galaxy S range completely. Whether this would later apply to the Galaxy Note phablet remains to be seen; this could possibly be dependent upon the success of the Galaxy S7 strategy.

There are also suggestions in the media at present that Samsung could consider a flexible and foldable OLED screen in the Galaxy S7. Time could be against the corporation with incorporating this innovation, but it is well known that the technology has been available for some time. It was years ago that Samsung appeared at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas with numerous flexible OLED smartphone prototypes. It was promised that this would be available in a retail device once the technology was affordable, and the latest reports suggest that this could be the case in 2016.

Samsung has quite openly stated that it has been working on flexible display panel technology, and if it is possible to include this in the Galaxy S7 it would certainly make the smartphone stand out from previous releases, not to mention competitors. As Apple continues to dominate the marketplace with the iPhone, Samsung needs to produce something conspicuous and outstanding when the Galaxy S7 is released, and a flexible, affordable display could be exactly the sort of innovation to make it stand out from the crowd.

It looks as if we will not have too long to wait to find out, with most analysts believing that the Galaxy S7 is under three months away.

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