Samsung to release three versions of Galaxy S7 [REPORT]

Samsung to release three versions of Galaxy S7 [REPORT]
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Reports suggest that Samsung may be about to release three separate models of the Galaxy S7 when it goes public. The next generation Samsung smartphone will be considered a flagship for the Korean corporation, and will play its usual role of competing with the Apple iPhone series. This has become an increasingly challenging task for Samsung in recent years, and this is reflected in the fact that the company has experienced a decline in profits for the last seven consecutive financial quarters.

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Samsung optimism

However, Samsung is optimistic about breaking this trend in the existing fiscal quarter, as the Korean corporation benefits from a positive response to its recent device releases. Nonetheless, there is pressure on sales of Galaxy devices, and the Galaxy S7 in particular, with the iPhone series still considered the world’s premier smartphone, and affordable Android variants eating into its market share in the East Asian marketplace in particular.

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With this in mind, it seems that Samsung is shaping up to release three variants of the Galaxy S7 simultaneously, with the idea of broadening the appeal of the Galaxy S range. This idea has been leaked from sources close to the Vietnamese supply chain that is essential to the Samsung operation, with Android-centric media picking up on the rumor.

According to the suggestions from close to the Samsung supply chain, three units, mooted to be entitled Galaxy S7, Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy S7 Edge+, we’ll all be released at the same time. Each of the three handsets will be intended to appeal to a different sector of the market, with the Galaxy S7 Edge+ possibly considered the premium handset of the three. Reports last year indicated that Samsung is intending to significantly ramp up the number of curved screen units that it produces in the next generation of the Galaxy S7, and that this will become an increasingly mainstream technology.

iPhone advantage

By grouping its consumer devices together in the early part of the year, there is the possibility that the Korean electronics giant could gain a significant advantage over the iPhone 7. Certainly this will be central to Samsung’s thinking, with the iPhone 7 expected to follow late in Q3. This would then enable Samsung to concentrate on the development of the Galaxy Note 6 in the latter half of 2016, very much branding this phablet as a business phone against the iPhone range.

The problem with this particular plan would seem to be that it makes the Galaxy S6 Edge+ obsolete rather rapidly. Samsung would, of course, argue that to describe the device as ‘obsolete’ was something of an exaggeration, and this is perhaps a fair point. But considering that the handset was released just six months ago, Samsung would have to engage in some effective PR if it is not to alienate people who purchased that device believing it to be state of the art.

Indeed, releasing a sequel to the Galaxy S6 Edge+ so quickly would communicate something of a worrying message to fans of the Android series. One of the advantages of the iPhone is that Apple ensures that the range is only updated on an annual basis. This makes the smartphone an extremely dependable option for its legions of users. By releasing the Galaxy S7 Edge+ so quickly, Samsung is effectively indicating that it may choose to upgrade any device range at any time; hardly an encouraging message for consumers wanting value for money.

The decision would also represent an alteration in the general Samsung policy of separating releases into smartphones and phablets. This would be another change in policy for Samsung, which may not seem hugely significant in itself, but this is becoming a repetitive story for the corporation. Generally speaking, consumers are encouraged by seeing a consistent policy from a company; frequent fluctuations suggest instability and a lack of direction.

Triple Galaxy S7 release logical

It does seem, though, that there is a certain logic in grouping all of the Galaxy S7 releases together. If Samsung has had a weakness in recent years, it is that its product ranges have become too obtuse. Everyone knows what to expect from the iPhone series, whereas the Samsung Galaxy range has been somewhat haphazard over the last couple of years. Although this would be another change to the Samsung strategy, it does seem to be a natural one, and a decision that could simplify the range in the eyes of consumers.

Although Samsung may be looking to unify the Galaxy S7 series, it seems that there is still room for diversity within its ranks. Reports have already indicated that there will be more than one variant of the Galaxy S7 when it is released, with a model featuring the Exynos 7422 processor to be released in India. Other murmurings have suggested that models released in Korea, China and even Europe will be equipped with the Exynos 8890 chipset. Other territories are being linked with the Qualcomm Snapdragon range.

Galaxy S7 camera and spces

It has also been reported by the IBTimes that the Galaxy S7 may feature a dual-camera setup. Camera technology is set to be even more important than usual in 2016, with Apple supposedly considering a similar dual-camera approach as one of its possible options for the iPhone range. The iPhone 7 has also been linked with a professional standard DSLR snapper, as well as a unique periscope design.

The 20-megapixel sensor that is being linked with the Galaxy S7 will be packed with 1.0 micron-sized pixels. It is thought that this technology will have the ability to utilize less power, and Samsung has already been working on ensuring that its low-light shooting capabilities are also improved.

We could also see a Galaxy S7 featuring a magnesium alloy and glass exterior, as Samsung rebuild the concept following on from the Galaxy S6 series. Rumors abound that this flagship smartphone may appear before the Mobile world Congress in Barcelona, indicating a January launch for the new Samsung handsets.

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  1. “No, the setting is just fine to me.”

    If a hard to navigate settings menu that is so ugly it’s hard to look at is “fine” to you then enjoy. Personally, I can’t stand it.

    S Finder is a joke compared to Google search that does the same thing better.

    To use many of the quick settings toggles on TouchWiz you have to swipe more than once to get to all of them anyways.

    If you don’t get more app crashes then you have been lucky.

    It’s nice that Android allows you replace the launcher but in my experience they all hog more resources than the stock Google launcher(including Nova). One of the things I hate about the TouchWiz launcher is the fact that the icon in the dock to get to all of the apps is on the far right and can’t be moved. You also can’t get the stock Android dialer app as a download from the Play store and the TouchWiz one along with any of the ones that you can get on the play store SUCK.

    Also, TouchWiz lags. Especially after an update from Samsung.

    As far as build quality the Galaxy S6 seems to have made a big improvement over previous Samsung phones which were awful when it came to build quality.

    I also don’t like the fact that Samsung still uses hardware navigation buttons. It’s 2015 not 2011.

    I had a Galaxy SII and it was a piece of shit.

    My dad, 2 aunts and a few friends had a Galaxy SIII. They hated it.

    My cousin, friend and a co-worker had a Galaxy S4. It was slow as hell and crashed all the time.

    I’ve owned a Samsung phone, used many others for extended periods of time and talked to many people who have had them. I very rarely hear positive things.

  2. No, the setting is just fine to me. Remember when I told you people have different tastes? I don’t know about you but I actually find S finder useful, as for quick connect I just disabled it. And I also like quick toggle on notification drop down, it gives me instant access by just one swipe, instead of two swipe on stock android. So I don’t mind it taking 1/4 space of the screen because it gets the job done faster.
    And I don’t know where do you get “app crashes more often” part, because it’s definitely not. In my case, app crash almost zero just like any other stock android device.
    I can agree about some of stock apps being awful, but once again that’s not a problem to me because I replaced them with Google Apps like Google clock, Google Calendar, messenger, etc etc. As for launcher I have always use nova since my first Android device. And in my opinion android stock launcher is just as suck as touchwiz launcher so doesn’t matter which android device I use, the first thing I do is switch default launcher to nova.
    My point is Samsung devices are far from being junk like your previous claim, it has good build with fantastic specs. Sure there are some flaws in software department but that’s easily fixable if you have basic knowledge about android.

  3. How is it more functional? The settings menu is a mess compared to stock. The notification drop down is horrible with extra junk like “S Finder” and “Quick Connect” taking up space. It’s also laggy and unstable. More app crashes than any other Android phone I’ve used. Also, the standard apps for things like texting, dialer, launcher, etc are just awful too. Especially compared to stock Android. Luckily most of them can be replaced with other alternatives except maybe the dialer. It hogs battery like crazy too.

    I think the only good thing about TouchWiz is the camera app which is pretty good.

  4. Maybe you have, but majority of touchwiz hater on Internet haven’t, they just like hoping into hate bandwagon without having any idea how touchwiz actually is. The only bad thing about touchwiz is its bloatware. But that’s not a problem for me, I just freeze it with titanium backup, once it’s bloatware free, touchwiz is amazing and even offer more functionality than stock android.

  5. So you are assuming that just because I can’t stand TouchWiz that I haven’t used it? I assure you that I have. It’s a disaster.

  6. I love retards who think people who attack Samsung didn’t already use their device and no longer have use for it. I had the S6e+ and the only thing that they had going for them was Samsung Pay but they removed features that I needed TV Remote, removeable battery and the all glass made it horrible to hold. The gimics I was referring to was the edge which made it horrible to use the screen near the edge (for examples closing spam ads in Chrome)

  7. lord so much flamewars going on with this. i’ve seen some renders online, and i’m liking what they are aiming for TBH. I havent owned a Samsung phone since the s3 and find them overpriced. But they are always #1 on Android top phone lists for a reason, right? I love my Nexus 6 and preordered the 6P….but Samsung is making me rethink that with what i’ve been reading with the S7.

  8. I love the term gimmicks used by iSheep and Samsung haters. You mean features such as smart alert that the phone vibrates when you pick it up to alert you of a missed notification … smart stay that keeps the screen on as long as your eyes are looking at it …gestures to put your hand over phone and it wakens up without touching it … direct call, if texting or has someone’s information open raising the phone to your ear will automatically call them … swipe down for notifications …palm swipe to capture screenshot? Yeah gimmicks copied by and I use all the time. Maybe gimmicks to those whoa re too stupid to know how to use them, simple phones for simpletons.

  9. The only problem i have with non stock android now is slow updates. All have lowered their skins and they all are not so problematic now. I would say some are even better for non power users. More practical and good use.
    So all whats need to be donne is make updates faster and google devices will have no advantage over other skined. Infact almost all flagships with skins are better in all ways compare google phones.

  10. And this is the reason why android fan is so much worst than apple fan, they hate isheep n hate other android brand, fck it! Im done w all this war shit, i just enjoy my phone now

  11. Because so many samsung haters around here especially nerds people, they just dont like samsung cause its number 1 android phone, n always find excuses or pretend have samsung phone n said negative think about it so those nerds can convinces other people that samsung phone is bad, even android fan hate samsung. Same reason with apple, so much hate for it cuz its number 1.

  12. If u use new touchwiz s6 etc, its really different, no lag, stuter and freeze. All phone review had admit that new TW is smooth now, even after 6months using it.

  13. Lol! Dont try so hard to bring LG, even the phone is good, no one give a fck about it, the result of sell v10 explain everything. But thanks to u for helping dying LG

  14. I am reading all the comments and i start to wonder…why in all reviews S6 is the best android phone 2015 and why Note 5 is best and almost everywhere is editors choice…if samsung makes so lagy and limited phones? And why they sell so good? I am Htc fan but Htc seems to be afraid of big screen and i am forced to go and look for other manufacturer….still i did not choose any of the 2015 models and i will not bcs of problematic 810 and 808 seem to be not much better so i will give Htc chance for M10…i just hope they will copy Note this time:)
    But really…spiting so much on samsung does not seem to be fer. I think Note 5 is the best thing this year. But glass as material is just not for me. Lg V10…no…lg’s design is just….unatractive. and And i doubt lg android skin is any better than touchwiz.

  15. You mean the junk that has highest selling among other brands of android phones?
    Deal with it buddy, people has different taste, I for example like touchwiz because I actually try to use it instead of blindly jumping on touchwiz bandwagon hate on Internet to look cool.

  16. I played with the V10 and didn’t make the jump from my G4 but these two devices are much better than any of the Samsung devices. I tried the S6 and the S6e+ and decided to use my lease jump and go back to the G4.

  17. They are borderline going mental. They take out all of the best features and now have 3 version of the same phone with 2 gimics that no one really ever uses. Might as well just switch them to Tizen so they can take away another feature everyone enjoys (Google apps).

  18. Unless one of those three is a Nexus like device(no CrapWiz and no hardware navigation buttons) with a huge battery it will be junk just like all other Samsung phones.

  19. I’d rather just have a huge battery in the phone. Having to carry extra batteries in your pocket everywhere you go is a pain in the ass.

  20. Yeah the Samsung line up is known for scaring people away from android, when people really didn’t even get to experience what true android is all about. Samsung is a false representation of android. You need to use a nexus or another stock android device to really see what android is about. I almost did the switch myself…had a laggy s3. Almost considered an iphone and decided to get a nexus 5 first to see what it was all about and now I’m ordering the nexus 6P, I’m glad I didn’t submit to apple just yet (Yeah the 6P is a weird looking phone but I’m more of a subtance over style kinda guy). Stock Android 6.0 marshmallow really is the king of mobile platforms. It’s perfect.

  21. I switched over to the iphone 6s this year from my galaxy S5. Not looking back. I am very pleased with the speedy performance and app ecosystem of the iphone 6s. Samsung phones are so laggy and samsung seem to release so many different variants in such a short period. Goodbye samsung, you will not be missed.

  22. If you truly have a Samsung Galaxy S5, rooting it should be simple regardless of carrier. The only limitations you will find from carrier to carrier would be availability in custom rom options. If you’d like some assistance or guidance on the subject, I’d be happy to help you as no one should be forced to have an android without the ability to root. That’s the whole point of android. Feel free to contact me via private email and I sincerely am happy to assist you.
    mike(at)the9one8(dot)com is my email address.
    -Mike George

  23. I agree Samsung did a great
    job maximizing the screen to front surface area ratio, but remember that there
    are millions of Apple fans who still buy the 5S and don’t really like new 6
    size as it can’t be used by one hand easily and also even fractions of an inch make a difference for many. Reality is making a small yet
    powerful phone is technically a challenge, bigger phones are in general easier
    to make. This was a great opportunity for Samsung to put a 4.5″ – 4.6”
    screen, optimize bezel and market it for those who miss the smaller form
    factor, this way they provide a phone as large as the iPhone 6 but smaller in
    form factor. I think if they provide a
    S Mini, S/Edge, Edge +, Note they really cover the whole market, and IMHO the
    Mini which is a forgotten second class citizen could gain very large market
    share and complete their phone line offering.

  24. They don’t have to. Samsung is able to fit the GS6’S 5.1″ screen in a body that has roughly the same dimensions as Apple’s 4.7″ iPhones (it’s lighter and thinner too) . Creating a phone that is only slighty smaller wouldn’t make any sense since the current form factor is pretty manageable already.

  25. I may switch to LG if the new Galaxy S doesn’t have a swappable battery. I’ve got the S5 now and even with the new S6 fast charge your still tethered to an outlet or a 12v pluggin. The convenience of a quick swap and being able to leave a wall charger and battery to charge is easier on the wallet if is stolen. Also I would rather use a MicroSD card for data with a usb 3.0 connection for storing data locally over depending on the cloud and the data usage of the cloud.

    The cloud is great for backing up data, pics, apk, music when it is over WiFi @ home or work. Yet having access full time. Granted even a U3 MicroSD is slower than a lot of internal memory for some (not all) devices.

  26. That’s less money to Samsung. They charge triple the amount of a 128gig removable SD card to get an upgrade from 32 gig to 64 gig non-removable memory. And the non-removable onboard storage performs slower than most modern removable SD cards. So file transfers over USB take FOREVER. And no…. I’m not using tons of data to store my stuff on the cloud. Not to mention it’s just waiting for a hacker/government/corporation to pluck it from that location against my will. .

    Btw, I eat 64 gigs for breakfast.

  27. Will they ever make a Mini version 4.5″ – 4.8″ to compete with the most popular phone / form factor in the world i.e. iPhone and cover tens of millions who are craving that form factor, or they will keep leaving this huge segment in the market for Apple to enjoy!!!

  28. Will these new units go back to the better days that separate Samsung from the iPaperwight, Meaning will they have removable batteries and a MicroSD port to control your own memory upgrades?

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