Galaxy S6 Coming With Super-fast Wireless Charging

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Samsung is all set to ‘democratize’ the wireless charging technology

Samsung’s next flagship smartphone Galaxy S6 is set to include a super-fast wireless charging when it is unveiled at the Galaxy Unpacked event on March 1. It will support multiple versions of the wireless charging technology to let users charge the device using any of the popular standards. Seho Park, a lead engineer for IT and mobile at Samsung, discussed in an official blog post the history of wireless charging.

Users will enter a new wireless world with Galaxy S6

He did not explicitly write that the Galaxy S6 will feature wireless charging, but implied heavily that it will. Samsung has been teasing many of the new features in the Galaxy S6 as the release date approaches. Many devices, including the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4, support the wireless charging feature. But they require optional accessories.

The Galaxy S6 will reportedly have a built-in support for the technology. Park said that 2015 will be “a landmark year” for the wireless charging deployment. Samsung will “democratize” this technology. With the upcoming Galaxy smartphones, users will enter “a new wireless world.” Park noted that the recently released components offer multiple wireless charging standards on a single chip.

Galaxy S6 to support all major standards

That will make it easier for the Galaxy S6 to navigate different wireless charging standards. Most smartphones with wireless charging technology must choose from the popular standards: PMA, WPC and Qi. Samsung is a member of the WPC organization. Last month, PMA announced its merger with A4WP.

Chances are the Galaxy S6 will be among the first smartphones to support all major wireless charging standards. Also, Park’s blog suggests that the wireless charging in the Galaxy S6 will be much faster than that found in existing devices. Separately, Samsung teased the upcoming handset’s fast processing speed in a tweet. Samsung has begun the mass production of its Exynos 7 processor that has shattered all performance records on the AnTuTu benchmark.

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