Galaxy S6 Release Date Unveiled In New Report

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It seems we won’t have to wait long for the launch after the Galaxy S6 is unveiled

It sounds like the Galaxy S6 might start being rolled out on March 22 or perhaps a day or two later. That’s according to Nick T. of Phone Arena, who cites a tipster who claims to be a Samsung employee.

Clues from Samsung’s blackout dates

The tipster shared what is supposedly a memo sent to Samsung employees stating that they can’t take vacation time, sick leave or vacation between March 22 and March 30. The timing lines up with past launches of Samsung’s Galaxy S smartphones, and employees typically aren’t allowed to take time off around the time of a new product launch.

As a result, it seems pretty likely that the Galaxy S6 will be available around this time in the first markets in which it will be available, which include Korea. The U.S. may not see the Galaxy S6 until a couple of weeks after that.

What to expect in the Galaxy S6

As is the case with pretty much every major flagship smartphone, there have been plenty of supposed leaks about the Galaxy S6. Samsung is expected to unveil two different Galaxy S6 models on March 1 at the company’s planned Unpacked event.

A Samsung executive stated in a blog post this week that they’re including an “intelligent” camera in the Galaxy S6 that will “do all the thinking for users.” A source reportedly told SamMobie that the smartphone will come with a pre-installed camera app. The prototype that source examined had a 20-megapixel camera and optical image stabilization.

The other Galaxy model that’s coming this year, called the Galaxy S6 Edge, is expected to have a three-sided display. Samsung is said to be planning to use a curved screen to wrap the display around the sides.

A second set of blackout dates

Interestingly, the memo shared by Phone Arena’s tipster also shows a second blackout period that runs from April 19 through April 27. Naturally there’s speculation about what new products Samsung might be launching during this blackout period.

Phone Arena suggests that the Galaxy S6 Edge could be what Samsung is preparing to launch then. However, the website’s tipster suggested that the company could be launching a new Galaxy Note tablet instead.


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