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Galaxy S6 U.S. Price Accidentally Unveiled?

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When Samsung management showed off the Galaxy S6 at the Mobile World Congress earlier this week, they neglected to mention the price. Most probably expect the prices to be similar to those of the Galaxy S5, but there’s a good chance the S6 will be a bit more expensive.

Galaxy S6 priced at $699

The rules and regulations page for an ad about a contest T-Mobile is running suggests that the approximate  retail value of the Galaxy S6 is $699. Oops. Guess T-Mobile let the cat out of the bag before Samsung officially released the pricing for the smartphone. Bogdan Pirvu of Android Geeks spotted the ad for the contest.

One thing the page doesn’t say is which model of the Galaxy S6 is priced at $699. Pirvu speculates that the price could be the base model with 32 gigabytes of storage. Of course whichever model the ad is referring to, that price has to be the price without a contract.

Galaxy S6 may be more expensive than S5

According to Pirvu, that means the Galaxy S6 could start out at $249 on a two year contract with T-Mobile. It would also mean that the S6 models with larger amounts of storage will be priced close to the prices of the iPhone 6 Plus models with larger amounts of storage. Additionally, the $249 price, if it’s the base model, is higher than the $199 starting price Galaxy S fans have come to expect over the years.

Keep in mind that Samsung has not officially revealed the pricing structure of the Galaxy S6. Also we don’t know which model has been assigned a $699 retail price by T-Mobile in its ad. And as Android Geeks point out, The S6 offers quite a few upgrades from last year’s S5, so Samsung may be able to get away with bumping the price point of its flagship phone up a bit.

At any rate, those who are interested in picking up a Galaxy S6 and don’t want to pay the higher price may want to sign up for T-Mobile’s contest to see if they can win one of the handsets the mobile carrier is giving away. T-Mobile plans to announce the names of the winners and other prizes in April.

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