Galaxy S11 Features: Rumors Flying About Samsung’s Next Phone

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Samsung has continuously impressed consumers with their innovative mobile devices. The Galaxy S10, which was launched just months ago, has been a huge success for the company. Already rumors surrounding the Galaxy S11 features have begun to circulate. Although the phone will not be revealed until February of 2020, anticipation of what features it might have are running high.

Galaxy S11 Features Won’t Include In Screen Camera

While Samsung and other companies have been working feverishly to develop a selfie camera that resides beneath the device’s screen, it seems that this will not be included in the list of Galaxy S11 features. Several companies have been trying to design a camera that is hidden beneath the screen of their phone, giving users a truly edge to edge screen. While the technology has come a long way, it appears that it isn’t yet ready to be launched commercially, according to BGR.

While the phone won’t feature the camera everyone has been hoping for, rumors are circulating that it will have an upgrade to the current design in the Galaxy S10. According to reports, the camera which the Galaxy S11 features will have a smaller hole punch opening in the infinity-O screen. It will have the same height as the phone’s status bar. The phone will supposedly also feature a 5nm Qualcomm chip, which will make it the first model to utilize the new chip set.

It Is Still Early

While the rumors around the Galaxy S11 features are already flying, it is still very early to make predictions about what the phone will actually have. These rumors include a new USB C connector, which is probably going to come to fruition in Samsung’s next flagship phone. The USB C is quickly becoming the standard in newer electronic devices. It is also believed that Samsung will do away with the headphone jack on the Galaxy S11, as the new USB C would give it the ability to transfer sound through that connection. Tom’s Guide also suggested that Samsung may do away with the numbered name in its next phone, citing that subsequent numbers would become harder to pronounce. Instead, the company might opt for a more standardized brand name.

Features We Hope To See

Google has perfected the art of providing excellent photos, even in low light conditions. Hopefully the Galaxy S11 features include a camera capable of competing with them in this category. we also hope Samsung will make its gestures for navigation more user friendly, as the interface can be a bit clunky in its current design. The curved display is also something many users hope to not find in the new phone. While it looks incredible, it is incredibly annoying to accidentally bump something and open an app when you’re simply trying to hold the phone.

While the phone is still more than 6 months away from launch, the Galaxy S11 features have already stirred interest. Keep in mind that these rumors are still unconfirmed, and we will know more as we approach the actual announcement date.

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