Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked Event: Where And How To Watch It

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With the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event on the horizon, many fans of Android devices will be wondering how to watch this unfold. Such big product launches are perennially broadcast over the Internet nowadays, and this latest Unpacked conference is no different.

Huge pressure

As the Galaxy Note 8 is the successor to be rather unfortunate Galaxy Note 7, there is undoubtedly huge pressure on Samsung to deliver a reliable and impressive unit. With the exploding fiasco surrounding the Galaxy Note 7 having damaged the brand significantly, Samsung must demonstrate that it can reinvigorate this once critically acclaimed product line.

There is no doubt than that the eyes of both the media and the smartphone-buying community will be trained firmly on the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event. Samsung will obviously wish to avoid the disastrous total recall which occurred with the Note 7 product last year, as it attempts to once more establish its flagship phablet as a viable market contender.

The Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event will take place in New York city, with Samsung having already distributed media invites among interested parties. The invitations for this forthcoming conference featured a teaser image displaying the silhouette of a device appearing rather similar to the Galaxy S8. The S Pen stylus that has come to somewhat define the product range was also depicted, whetting appetite ahead of the unveiling of the final product.

Live stream Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event

As has become usual practice over the last few years, Samsung will be live streaming the Unpacked event on its own website. This year the Korean corporation has announced that the Galaxy Note 8 unveiling will begin at 11am EDT on Wednesday, August 23. The lifestream will be featured on the website, with the Korean developer certain to feature this prominently on the front page of its site.

It is also extremely likely that Samsung will broadcast the event live on its Samsung Mobile YouTube channel. This is becoming increasingly popular, with even major sporting events beginning to be carried by such websites as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter.

Other media will also be covering the event live, with live tweeting and blogging common among numerous consumer electronics and other media publications. In many ways, this will be one of the most intriguing consumer electronics releases of the last few years, considering the disaster that was the Galaxy Note 7. Everyone interested in the mobile niche will be wondering how Samsung can restore the reputation of this once popular device range.

Safety checks

Samsung has implemented an enhanced safety check list in order to improve the durability of its products, a fact that it has been keen to emphasize ahead of the release of the Galaxy Note 8. Eight separate processes are conducted in order to ensure that its battery packs will not repeat the exploding disaster of the Galaxy Note 7, and this should help reassure consumers as the release of the next generation device looms large.

Several rumors have emerged as the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event approaches, with many of the specifications of this phablet already been largely understood. One interesting area of debate with regard to this handset, though, has been the pricing that Samsung is likely to utilize. It was thought at one time that the Galaxy Note 8 would be a rather affordable device, and that this was absolutely necessary considering that the Galaxy Note 7 had been such a financial disaster for the company.

However, some opinions have certainly veered away from this perspective, with reports over the last few weeks having suggested that the Galaxy Note 8 could cost in excess of $1,000. Recent murmurings have softened slightly on the subject, with the most recent reports suggesting that the Galaxy Note 8 may retail at a $900 price point. With affordable alternatives such as the OnePlus 5 already available, along with the mooted price point of the Google Pixel 2, it could still be considered something of a gamble to produce such a pricey smartphone.

Design changes

The appearance of the Galaxy Note 8 is likely to be extremely similar to the Galaxy S8 Plus, with a marginally larger screen and the aforementioned S Pen stylus distinguishing the two. Certainly the wraparound display from the Galaxy S8 generation will migrate to the forthcoming Galaxy Note 8.

Two rear-cameras have been anticipated for the phablet, with the legendary analyst Ming-Chi Kuo having suggested that Samsung will particularly concentrate on the photographic capabilities of the device. Some nifty functionality has also been linked with the S Pen, with the peripheral apparently having the ability to be used as a speaker.

It all adds up to an extremely intriguing device reveal, and no doubt millions of people will be tuning into the Galaxy Note 8 Unpacked event.

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