Galaxy Note 8 Images Leaked Prior To Official Launch Event

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The fine folks over at Mobile Fun gave us a heads up about some official Galaxy Note 8 images featuring cases for the upcoming flagship. Not only does this give us a great idea about some of the accessories available for the Galaxy Note 8 but we get a very good look at the device from several angles. Ready to dive in and see what these Galaxy Note 8 images leaked just before launch can tell us?

First, we get a great opportunity to see the back side of the device and that much-anticipated dual camera sensor. The Galaxy Note 8 camera has been the subject of many leaks including leaked features and even shots in the wild. Through these leaks we know that the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera will offer some very interesting features to compete directly with the iPhone 7 Plus and the upcoming iPhone 8. Optical zoom is a major feature of the Galaxy Note 8 dual camera setup. Most smartphones offer digital zoom. The difference between digital zoom and optical zoom is night and day. With optical zoom, objects will appear much clearer and sharper when you zoom in. The comparison isn’t even really a comparison. Optical zoom is better than digital zoom – end of discussion.

With that dual camera sensor you will also get much better low-light performance. More sensors mean the camera can take in more light which means brighter photos.

Galaxy Note 8 Images Leaked

The Pop Cover image above shows off another very cool case that will be coming as an accessory for the Galaxy Note 8. Again, we get to see the back side. In addition to that dual camera sensor, you can also see that Samsung has taken some notes from the Galaxy S8 and S8+ launch to re-position the fingerprint sensor. A lot of S8 and S8+ owners complained that the fingerprint sensor was too close to the camera sensor and they were leaving smudged fingerprints on their camera sensor glass. The Galaxy Note 8 puts the flash module in between the camera sensor and the fingerprint sensor. Still a little close for my liking but hopefully this helps prevent too many unwanted smudges on the camera.

Don’t worry – those aren’t the only Galaxy Note 8 images leaked.

Galaxy Note 8 Images Leaked

Galaxy Note 8 Images Leaked

It looks like the Galaxy Note 8 will also be coming with a kickstand-style case. Obviously with a beautiful display like the Galaxy Note has, there needs to be an emphasis on entertainment. This kickstand case will allow users to prop up their smartphone to enjoy videos, movies, and more. We also get a very good look at the bottom of the device. There, you can see the S Pen in it’s slot on the bottom-right. We also get confirmation of the 3.5mm headphone port. With some manufacturers moving away from the traditional headphone port, it’s nice to see Samsung is still looking out for those of us that have a nice pair of 3.5mm headphones and don’t want to have to upgrade. Finally, on the bottom, we also see a USB Type-C port. This should be no surprise. USB Type-C is pretty much the standard for new Android devices these days.

Of course, what is there to say about that amazing Infinity Display other than, “Wow!” We saw the same style on the Galaxy S8 and S8+ which was a nice change in Samsung’s traditional design. I’m always happy to see reduced bezels and I would say the Galaxy Note 8 is about as close to completely bezel-less as you can get. This means more screen real estate without increasing the actual size of the device. There were also rumors that the Galaxy Note 8 would feature a pressure-sensitive display. This appears to have been confirmed in the Galaxy Note 8 marketing booklet leak. Hopefully we will see more about the capability of the pressure sensitive display during Samsung’s launch event.

Galaxy Note 8 Images Leaked

Finally, the Galaxy Note 8 images leaked include an image of a clear case and the range of Galaxy Note 8 colors. In the marketing booklet leak mentioned above, only the black and gold models were shown. This had us scratching our heads a bit because there was so much talk of an Orchid Grey color as well as a new Deep Blue color for the Galaxy Note 8. It appears those colors are still alive and well – according to this image. The new Deep Blue color is a very nice, dark blue rather than the lighter blue we have seen from Samsung in previous models. I’m usually not one to get a smartphone that isn’t black or grey but this Deep Blue might make me pause and think about that decision for a moment.

There you have it! More Galaxy Note 8 images leaked right before the big event! Samsung will surely have more to show off at the big event. I’m very excited to see some of those camera features in action and learn a bit more about the pressure sensitive display and how it works with the S Pen. Stay tuned! Big things are coming!

Images source: Mobile Fun

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