Galaxy Note 7 Fire Issue May Trigger A Mass Recall

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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 was facing supply issues since its launch on August 19. On Thursday, the Korean electronics giant announced that it had delayed shipments of the Galaxy Note 7 due to additional quality tests. In fact, Samsung has suspended shipments altogether to three of South Korea’s largest carriers. Though the company did not elaborate on the problems, recent reports suggest that it has to do with the Galaxy Note 7 batteries exploding for no apparent reason.

Will Samsung recall all Galaxy Note 7 units?

Now Gizmodo Australia and ZDNet have learned from their respective sources that Samsung was planning to recall the Galaxy Note 7 from customers worldwide. However, it’s not yet clear whether it will recall all the Note 7 units or only those that are affected by defective components. Reports claim that Samsung will only replace the batteries of the recalled phones instead of offering customers a replacement device or a refund.

The web is flooded with user complaints and videos about the Galaxy Note 7 battery exploding. It is yet another setback for Samsung as initially it was unable to keep up with user demand for the new device. If the supply problems continue, it could affect Samsung’s profits. Apple is scheduled to launch its new iPhone 7 and 7 Plus next week.

Galaxy Note 7 facing S Pen issues, crashing

Batteries catching fire is not the only issue haunting the Galaxy Note 7. Users have reported that the Exynos 8890-powered version of the device crashing, bootlooping, and bricking unexpectedly. Note 7 owners in the XDA Forum said the problem starts with a bootloop, and it gets worse when the user forces the device into the Recovery or Safe Mode. The authorized Samsung stores couldn’t fix it.

Many other Galaxy Note 7 owners have reported that the S Pen stylus sometimes gets stuck in the phablet. The mechanical button that ejects the stylus from the silo may stop clicking. That means the stylus won’t eject from the Note 7. The only way to take it out is to use a pin or hit on the S Pen’s hole. Samsung has reportedly acknowledged the issue and has instructed the front-office staff to replace the S Pen with a new one if a customer comes with the problem.

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