Galaxy Note 7 Explodes After Catching Fire [PHOTOS]

Samsung’s new phone, the Galaxy Note 7, is by far the hottest new Android phone of this year, and it seems quite unlikely that any smartphone set to release in the coming months will overthrow it. However, there is one user who found the phone not very appealing but rather, quite disastrous.

Galaxy Note 7 exploded while charging

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 has a stunning design and gorgeous display. The Note software suite is still a class leader, and the new features added by the Korean firm made the smartphone even more appealing and one of the most sought-after handsets of 2016. However, for one user, the phone just proved a nightmare and could have caused some property damage or serious injury to the owner if he had not been so lucky.

Galaxy Note 7 Explodes After Catching Fire [PHOTOS]
Source: Pixabay

On the Chinese forum Baidu, a user named “Mr. Ni 666666” posted images (via Major Droid) of a device he claims to be his Galaxy Note 7, which he said exploded while it was charging on Tuesday. The user claims that the phone was plugged in at night when he heard a “sudden bang.” He claims that he found his phone on fire. A series of photos posted by him shows the aftermath. The phablet turned to what looks like charcoal after exploding.

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What caused the smartphone to explode?

Samsung has yet to comment on the matter, and it is not certain whether or not there will be an investigation. However, it seems like the owner of the Galaxy Note 7 was using a third-party micro USB charger instead of the cable and charger provided by Samsung The third-party charger could have played a part in the incident, noted reports. Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 comes with a white USB cable and charger, but the user has a black cable in this case. The website adds that he was using that black cable with Samsung’s included USB-C adapter tip.

It is possible that this was not anything more than a manufacturing defect and that the charger had nothing to do with the explosion, but just to be on the safe side, owners of a Note 7 should probably not use third-party chargers or cables. Instead, one should use the equipment supplied by Samsung, at least until we know the actual reason for the explosion.

The explosion happened in China, and we hope the issue will not be widespread as it will put many customers in danger.