Galaxy Note 7 Color Options And Price Details

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The Galaxy Note 7 has recently been released to an expectant public, with the phablet representing one of the biggest mobile releases of the year. At one time, the Galaxy Note range was very much secondary to the Galaxy S series in terms of market prominence, but this has been somewhat turned on its head over the last few years. While the Galaxy S7 is still considered the flagship mobile of Samsung, many consider the Galaxy Note range to be superior in terms of functionality.

This is set to continue with an outstanding Galaxy Note 7 release. One of the most notable aspects of the Galaxy Note series has been the way that the design of the handset has evolved. Samsung shifted to a shiny metal and glass design over the last few iterations of this mobile, and this has enabled the Korean corporation to do some interesting things with the color scheme of the device.

Galaxy Note 7 – Consumer choice

Consumer choice is becoming more important in the mobile sphere, with Apple having particularly focused on this with the Apple Watch. In an increasingly competitive technology marketplace, flexibility is essential to the commercial success of devices, and Samsung has certainly addressed this with the Galaxy Note 7 by offering four different color schemes.

While deciding the best color for one’s Galaxy Note 7 can largely be based on personal predilection and style, there are other factors to take into consideration. Each of the four options being offered by Samsung has its own advantages and disadvantages, so here is a rundown of each of the four Galaxy Note 7 color choices.


The black version of the Galaxy Note 7 can be viewed as the obvious default choice. In the Galaxy Note 7 generation, this particular model is somewhat more understated than the blue-black color which was featured in the last generation Galaxy Note 5. The black model is also the version of the Galaxy Note 7 which offers the fewest distractions. The color results in minimal reflectivity, while the darker color also ensures that there are few distractions when looking at the screen.

In addition, the color of this model of the Galaxy Note 7 creates a pleasing effect with the curved design of the smartphone. The black bezels almost merge with the curves of the device to create the optical illusion of an edge-to-edge display.

The black model of the Galaxy Note 7 delivers a sleek and understated look which will perhaps particularly appeal to the introvert among us. The front of the device reduces glare and the distraction around the screen, and overall this is a great color choice for those unsure about which model to choose. Conversely, it could be considered a little boring in appearance in comparison to the other versions of the phablet.

Blue coral

In many ways, this is the most controversial and contentious color choice which Samsung has offered with the Galaxy Note 7, and could be considered a polarizing model. It has been strongly featured in marketing ahead of the release of the Galaxy Note 7, and it certainly stands out from the crowd as a unique smartphone design. Of course, such a striking color choice will not appeal to everyone, and this means that this will be a divisive model among Samsung fans.

There are similarties between the design of this smartphone and the blue topaz Galaxy S6 which was released in 2015. This model was not made available in all regions, so there could be a big demand for this version of the Galaxy Note 7.

The hyper-reflective bright blue sheen included in this version changes significantly in different lighting, which can be something of a distraction, although it also creates a pleasing visage. There is also a significant contrast between the color of this phone and the bezels on either side of the Galaxy Note 7 unit, meaning that the screen can seem a little smaller than with other versions.

There is no doubt that many will gravitate to this Galaxy Note 7 version, but it is not one for the faint hearted, as it is both striking and a design that will garner attention from others.


The silver model of the Galaxy Note 7 follows on from similar devices in the Galaxy S7 range. As would be expected, this is an extremely reflective version of the smartphone, which tends to take on the colors of other objects around it. This version probably create even more distractions than the blue coral model of the Galaxy Note 7, and also has the disadvantage of showing up even the smallest scratches imaginable. Those opting for the silver model of the Galaxy Note 7 should probably invest in a case to cut down on this eventuality.

This is perhaps the most striking of the four Galaxy Note 7 models, and one that looks fantastic when it originally comes out of the box. However, it is arguably the least practical, as when it is no longer in pristine condition it begins to show its age more readily than the other versions of the phablet.


Gold is always a popular color for any form of technology, with numerous gold smartphones having emerged in recent years. This is another ostentatious choice for consumers, but one that is less vulnerable to scratches then the silver version of the smartphone. The gold version of the Galaxy Note 7 can be considered a relatively conservative version of the smartphone for those who do not wish to opt for the simple black model.


The other major consideration with purchasing the Galaxy Note 7 will be the ultimate retail price of the units. Unfortunately, Samsung has told us absolutely nothing about the pricing structure of this forthcoming phablet, so we are left to draw our own conclusions based on leaked market data.

Whispers in the UK suggest that the Galaxy Note 7 will retail at around £750, which would make the phablet one of the most expensive mobiles available on the market. The relative price in the United States is likely to be lower, as it is well known that British retail prices tend to be higher than on the American continent. The stronger dollar is also a big plus point for American consumers, and should mean that the Galaxy Note 7 retails at a price point well under $1,000.

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