Samsung Beats Apple Inc. In Yearly Sales Figures

Samsung Beats Apple Inc. In Yearly Sales Figures
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  • Samsung sales have risen 13% in the past year and overtake Apple by 3%
  • Samsung Edge makes up 55% of the Samsung market
  • Release of S7 series breaks Samsung record sales

The Apple-Samsung power struggle is starting to tip in Samsung’s favour as over the past year they knock Apple from a 54% share of sales to 41%.

This sees the first time Samsung outsold Apple in the latter half of the year despite Apple releasing their latest flagship iPhone range.

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For many people, following the latest mobile phone trends is a necessity and Samsung’s figures show just how much people are on board with their Edge series.

The most surprising result from data released by leading phone retailer Mobile Phones Direct, reveals that their sales of both the Samsung S6 Edge and S7 Edge have beaten sales of the standard S6 and S7.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge Sales

Collectively the Galaxy S6 and S7 make up 26% of the sales while the Galaxy S6 Edge and S7 Edge make up 55% of sales among Samsung devices.

The main difference between the Samsung S7 and the S7 Edge is that the Edge has a curved form factor, allowing for a larger screen and added functionality with the display extending around the ‘edge’ of the phone.

Simon Weedon, Online Marketing Director at Mobile Phones Direct says, “The Samsung Galaxy S7 launch was initially slow, but the product eroded in price very quickly offering consumers a lot more value for money than the Apple iPhone 6s.”

Even though the launch of the Galaxy S7 series saw record-breaking figures, Mobile Phones Direct still sell more of the Galaxy S6 Edge than the newer ‘standard’ Galaxy S7.

Similarly, Mobile Phones Direct still sell more of the iPhone 5s on the Talkmobile network than the iPhone 6 despite the new design, higher quality displays and cameras.

Mobile Phones Direct added; “The introduction of the Talkmobile network to Mobile Phones Direct is driving more low to medium end smartphone sales, an area where Samsung feature more heavily than Apple.”

It wasn’t until 2016 the iPhone 6s dominated sales and now makes up 50% of the brand’s sales, but months after its release date.

“The iPhone 6s launch in September 15 was slow from what we can see, I don’t think there was enough difference between the 6 and the 6s for consumers to break their 24 month buying cycle for” says Simon Weedon.

Is this a sign of things to come? Has Samsung finally broken Apple’s hold on the market or will the iPhone 7 return the tech giant to their former dominant position?

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  1. Quality and reliability are a function of time. I will wait for that time to elapse before I eval build quality & reliability. We have some galaxy phones in my office for dev. so there is enough datapoint to affirm that. The previous gen. of both Nexus & Galaxy didn’t age well.

  2. Don’t go by market share I am pretty sure that there are more PC’s then there are MACs, however given a choice I won’t even look at a PC. To each his own my iPhone 6 is now close to 2 years old. I don’t use a cover, may have dropped it a dozen times (in office but nary a scratch). It’s absolutely a rock solid build, all the Apps. work beautifully and since I am part of the Apple-eco system, my data and id is completely protected. The only time I worry about misuse of my data is when using Google.

  3. Samsung’s quality and reliability exceed that of the iPhone.

    After using Samsung’s Galaxy, I never yearned for an iPhone. Ever.

  4. or maybe because people realize they are getting more bang for their buck with samsung. Or maybe all those shallow folks who thought iphones were the most beautiful thing in the world got tired of looking at the same thing every year and the edge design suits them more? This whole illusion that iphones works soooo much better than everyone else is a myth. You’re holding on to your opinions about samung based on galaxy S1 and S2 and comparing your current iphone to what you remember you saw for 30 seconds 6 years ago. It just doesn’t hold up anymore. The problem is apple likes to sit on their laurels and do nothing to stir the water. Thats why they waited until now to tell wall street that they will shift to a bigger focus on software services. Where the heck have they been? Google and MS realized that a looong time ago while apple is still working on having full NFC on their phones. This company is not designed to move with the times.

  5. LOL…..85% Android market share, seems that most people do prefer something other than the iphone by a VERY large margin.

    The Note 5 is the highest rated phone.

    not feeling the “yearning” for an iphone….

  6. The difference between an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy is not a question of better specs. The fact is whatever iPhone has works, cleanly and efficiently. There is a solidity, consistency, overall quality and reliability about the phone. Here is an experiment that one should do – buy iPhone first, try and get used to it’s features, next buy Samsung and use it for a few days. One will see how much one yearns for the iPhone.

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