How Will The Galaxy Note 5 Improve On Its Predecessor?

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2014 has not been a hugely successful year for Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. (LON:BC94) (KRX:0059935). The calendar year began with the Korean manufacturing giant proclaiming that it intended to overtake Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has the world’s largest seller of mobile devices. These bullish intentions promised an extremely successful twelve months for one of the worlds most successful corporations and brands, but unfortunately for fans of Samsung products things haven’t quite materialized thus.

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Profit dip

Samsung recently was forced to announce that its profits had dipped by as much as 60 percent; a portent of the degree to which the last year has gone against the Korean corporation. However, its recent phablet, the Galaxy Note 4, has been well received by both critics and the mobile-buying public, and this has at least resulted in the share price of Samsung making a significant bounce back.

The success of the Galaxy Note 4 indicates that its successor, the Galaxy Note 5, will be a hugely significant product for Samsung as 2015 develops. Before that, the corporation will be revealing its latest major mobile device at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in March, when it is expected to unveil the Galaxy S6. But given its tablet focus, there is no doubt that the Galaxy Note 5 will be a massive release for Samsung.


So how does the company intend to improve over the Galaxy Note 4 with its successor? Well, we can certainly expect some pretty major innovations. One of the first things to Note is that Samsung may be changing its whole approach to processors and chipsets with the Galaxy Note 5. Previous iterations of the Galaxy Note series have been based around Qualcomm technology, and its Snapdragon architecture has made the Galaxy Note 4 a very nifty performer.

Galaxy Note 5: Unique chipset

However, recent information released by the Koran arm of ZDNet suggests that the Korean technology giant is currently working on producing its own chips for future devices, including the Galaxy Note 5. There could be several different motivations for this, possibly Samsung is attempting to cut down on production costs, possibly it is trying to ape some of the treasured advantage that the iPhone series derives from Apple effectively manufacturing its own hardware (even though it utilizes partners such as Foxconn), or maybe it is for some unspecified reason unhappy with recent Qualcomm products.

Whatever the rationale behind this decision, if it does come to fruition it will be a pretty significant departure for the Galaxy Note series.

Aside from the internal machinations of the Galaxy Note 5, it is absolutely certain that Samsung will give it a significant spec boost as well. This is obviously pretty much the case with any smartphone or phablet sequel, but in the case of Samsung it has always attempted to attract consumers to its devices by packing them full of impressive spec. This will be of supreme importance with the Galaxy Note 5, and if this can be partnered with an increased control over the manufacturing of the device then it could lead to an extremely impressive handset.

4K resolution

Samsung has particularly focused on producing high-quality displays in recent devices, and although the Galaxy Note 4 received a significant amount of plaudits in this department, the Galaxy Note 5 may be more powerful still. It is already believed that the Galaxy Note 5 will sport a huge 5.9-inch 4K AMOLED display with 700ppi pixel density. This is perhaps not a huge size difference over the Galaxy Note 4, but the purported 4K resolution would be very significant, and would hand the device an increase in pixel density of over 30 percent.

Internal memory is also expected to be beefed up in this critical phablet release. The Galaxy Note 4 contains 3 GB of memory, but this could be increased to 4GB in the Galaxy Note 5.

Other high spec

Additionally, Samsung particularly showcased the photograph taking capabilities of its Galaxy series when it unveiled them this year. But despite the fact that generally the camera in the Galaxy Note 4 is a good performer, the quality of its low-light photographs has been criticized. Samsung therefore will doubtless look to get this right with the Galaxy Note 5, as well as probably improving the megapixel quotient inherent in the device’s camera.

Rumours already suggest that a 21-megapixel rear camera will be included in the Galaxy Note 5, which would be an improvement over the standard 16-megapixel snappers which come in the Galaxy range at present. With video shooting capabilities already at 4K resolution, given the fact that the Galaxy Note 5 screen may be significantly improved over its predecessor, one also wonders whether it will be able to shoot higher video resolutions.

Samsung has been perennially praised for the qualities of its devices in terms of battery life, but the corporation is unlikely to rest on his laurels in this department. Although a combination of excellent power saving technology and strong batteries being included in Samsung devices has meant that the Galaxy Note 4, for example, has an outstanding battery life, this will still need to be improved upon for the Galaxy Note 5. Samsung’s main competitor Apple is certain to attempt to improve the battery life of the iPhone 7, and the increased screen resolution and processing power of the Galaxy Note 5 will necessitate a larger battery in this device.

Concept images

Concept images of the Galaxy Note 5 are already emerging, and just days ago the latest Galaxy Note 5 concept design, produced by Sahil Arora, was released. This will definitely be a major phablet release for Samsung, but it can also be concluded that consumers are likely to be very well served by this device as well. The Galaxy Note 4 is an impressive performer in its own right, but with Samsung hoping to up the ante for the next in line of the Galaxy Note series, this can certainly be viewed as a true next generation handset.

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