Galaxy Note 10 Camera Design Said To Differ From S10

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The Galaxy Note 10 is one of the next major smartphones expected to be released this year, probably in August, and the leaks and rumors keep on coming. This latest leak pertains to the Galaxy Note 10 camera. Samsung is reportedly opting for a vertical arrangement for the triple-lens camera, but not everyone is pleased with what they’re seeing.

Galaxy Note 10 camera leak

The Galaxy Note 10 camera leak comes from reputed Twitter tipster Ice Universe, who tweeted an image of a camera component and the back of the device with a vertical arrangement for the lenses. If the tip is accurate, then the design will be different from that of the Galaxy S10, which has a horizontally-positioned camera array on the back. Some of the comments on the tweet suggest that this design for the Galaxy Note 10 camera might disappoint many.

He didn’t mention the Note 10 by name, which is also interesting, but he did include a photo of the famous painter Leonardo Da Vinci. The device is reportedly code-named “Da Vinci.”

According to BGR, the front camera’s lens will be positioned at the top-center of the device in a pin-hole. This is also different from the S10’s selfie camera position, which is in the top-right corner.

Well-known concept designer Ben Geskin tweeted this image to Ice Universe to ask if his rendering is accurate, and he said it is:

The rendering also suggests that the Note 10 will also have an in-display fingerprint sensor like the S10 does.

Other Note 10 rumors

In addition to the Galaxy Note 10 camera leak, we’re also hearing a repeat of a rumor we heard before. Ice Universe also tweeted that the Note 10’s charging speed will be “a significant upgrade” from previous Samsung phones. We’ve heard this rumor before, and some took it to mean the phone could support 50 W charging, but Ice Universe gave no specific number.

BGR pointed out that Samsung unveiled USB-C chips capable of supporting speeds of up to 100 W earlier this week. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the Note 10 will be able to charge that fast. It just means Samsung is ready for it. The company is certainly playing catch-up in the charging arena because there are many phones from other brands which support higher-watt charging.

Of course, all these leaks and rumors should be taken with a grain of salt until Samsung reveals the real thing, possibly in early August.

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