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FinTech is big but just how big? More information below.

The future of FinTech looks very bright for the USA and UK as just in 2015 the UK have generated £6.6 Billion. Year on year investments in global financial technology rises, for example from 2013 to 2016 it has risen £26 Billion. Another talking point regarding the future on financial technology is “how will brexit affect the financial technology industry” While some people within Europe’s financial technology were concerned about the potential impact Brexit will have, it doesn’t seem to have caused much of a shift in the industry. At least not yet.

Here are some facts and figures behind the investment side of the financial technology industry-

  • 120 percent increase of revenue across Europe
  • 51 percent increase of deals worldwide
  • 67 percent increase of investment in the first quarter of every year
  • 62 percent of investments went to Europe and Asia
  • 201 percent increase of investments over a year

There are over 1300 financial technology companies around the world and still growing, the leading cities in the United Kingdom with rising FinTech companies are London, Manchester, Leeds and Belfast. To learn more about the new trend please visit FinTech Compliance. No orginisation is safe from the coming disruption and every company must have a strategy to harness the powerful advantages of the new FinTech age.

Banks in particular are paying attention to the new trend and investing heavily in hopes to thwart off competition and to profit from this growing hot trend.


FinTech being short for financial technology is experiencing substantial growth worldwide. With investments developing year on year financial technology is slowly becoming more and more prominent and we hope this continues in the near future!

T learn more see the full infographic on the future of financial technology below



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