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Why small businesses might want to sell on the internet giant which includes benefits such as Fulfilment by Amazon

Amazon is the largest online retailer where almost every product is available. It had a very niche market at the time of its inception back in 1994 with its primary emphasis on selling books online. That original idea persists in the form of Kindle till date in addition to selling a plethora of products in dozens of countries besides the USA. Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, its first name was that was changed to Amazon within months and still stays along with the A to Z Smile logo.

Did you know that in its early days, a physical bell would ring at the Amazon office on every online purchase made? Well, it is not possible anymore since more than 3.5 million products at an average are sold daily now. Often referred to as the “The Everything Store,” and so is the title of the book written about the founder Jeff Bezos and the story of Amazon. From electronics to kitchenware and from clothing to automobile accessories, almost everything what each member of the family needs is available on Amazon.

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If you are a retailer or manufacturer, you can sell your products on Amazon, making the most of this vast marketplace. It would allow you to reach Amazon’s gigantic customer base of over 300 million. Here are some of the reasons why ignoring Amazon might not be a wise decision.

Most entrepreneurs wear several hats to ensure the smooth functioning of their businesses especially medium to small size ones. Selling online might add another responsibility of product delivery your shoulders. To concentrate on your core responsibilities, The giant offers Fulfilment by Amazon program in which it handles the shipping; all you have to do is to send it to the Amazon and they would take care of the rest. Fulfilment by Amazon or FBA not just relieve you from the trouble of delivering products to customers yourself but Fulfilment by Amazon also takes away the stress to deliver it on time.

Registering yourself as a professional seller would allow you to create and use Fulfilment by Amazon for your brand making your products available in multiple categories for more exposure. If one of your products can make it to the Amazon buy box, you would be able to sell a huge number of it is a very short time as the box claims more than 78% of the sale share. A tip to get in is to quote the lowest price for a product including shipping.

Customer feedback is one of the most important aspects of any business and in an online platform, it shows instantly for you to analyze your product’s weaknesses and strengths. If you engage the buyers who dropped feedback for your products, you would be able to make necessary improvements to make them better. Want to know other reasons why you should sell with Amazon? Check out this infographic from Dpack entails benefits, tips on selling your products on Amazon.

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