French Singer With HoloMe Produce The First AR Music Video

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HoloMe collaborates with singer and songwriter, Amir and his record label Warner Music France, to produce a never-seen-before augmented reality (AR) music video. Using an app exclusively developed by HoloMe for Warner Music France, Amir’s latest music video has been released in AR for his fans to watch all over the world.

Earlier this week, Amir, released a music video for his song ‘5 Minutes Avec Toi’ using HoloMe’s AR technology. Amir serenades his fans in the revolutionary music video in the form of a hologram. This is the first-ever human hologram music video to be released by an artist; taking artist interaction with fans to a whole new level. Users are able to record themselves dueting and dancing with Amir by their sides as he performs the song. HoloMe has developed an app which is available for download on Android and iOS devices with AR compatibility, in order for Amir’s fans all over the world to gain access to the unique AR music video.

HoloMe, a storytelling platform, has helped Amir perform his music video in the environment of his fans, taking an innovative spin on traditional forms of music videos. HoloMe provides a platform that allows companies such as Warner Music France to bring their message to consumers via augmented reality. Using simple off the shelf equipment and unique computer vision algorithms, HoloMe brings fashion models, football stars, teachers and in this case French singer and songwriter, Amir, into your environment; for a private performance right in your living rooms. All of HoloMe’s tech is automated, allowing them to be the only current augmented reality company with the ability to create AR experiences en-masse and/or live.

Amir has said: “I’ve always been fascinated by innovation, music and tech. Thanks to Holome’s incredible technology and Warner Music’s creative teams, we managed to mix two worlds that haven’t met yet, into a beautiful app that allows fans to connect with their artist in a whole new manner. The curated videos allow users to create virtual interactions in total freedom of imagination, stronger bonds, through viral media contents that are funny to share and make powerful memories for fans. I am very proud to be the pioneer and ambassador of this ambitious project and I’m sure that many more artists will follow.”

Music enthusiasts, especially Amir’s fans, will be taken through a different kind of  AR journey that will allow them to experience music in a completely new way. This piece of technology is a game-changer for the music industry and it will continue to break many musical, as well as technological, boundaries.

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