Is Battery Drain In iOS 12.3 Worse Than In iOS 12.2?

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Apple released iOS 12.3 earlier this week with a major update to the TV app, bug fixes and small improvements. The iOS 12.3 changelog included no mention of anything related to the battery. However, like with every new release, users are curious about battery drain in iOS 12.3 and whether the battery life has improved or gotten worst. YouTube channel iApple Bytes decided to search for an answer.

Is battery drain in iOS 12.3 more than in iOS 12.2?

To test battery drain in iOS 12.3, iApple Bytes used the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s and compared the results with the results from the iOS 12.2 battery drain test. Both phones were put through various tests using Geekbench 4, which uses processor-intensive applications to test the battery life of a device.

Through Geekbench 4, devices are put through a consistent workload. Then the benchmark generates a Geekbench score by analyzing the volume of work the devices were able to perform before they ran out of juice.

iApple Bytes shared a video which compares the battery life on iOS 12.3 and iOS 12.2. In their tests, the YouTube channel found that iOS 12.3 has no real impact on the battery life, either positively or negatively. You can watch the test video here.

“This time I run a side by side test using iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S all devices have new batteries with 100% health as shown in the video. Room temperature this time was around 21 degrees Celsius,” the YouTube channel said about the test.

iApple Bytes’ findings mean that if you had any doubts about iOS 12.3 negatively affecting your iPhone’s battery life, then be assured that this latest version of iOS is safe. The findings may not appear to be a game changer, but they are important for owners whose iPhone’s battery life don’t make it through a day on a single charge. Knowing that the new version of iOS does not negatively affect battery life assures such users that their iPhones will continue to offer the same performance battery-wise as before and that there won’t be any deterioration.

Everything you need to know about iOS 12.3

Apple released iOS 12.3 on May 13, and the biggest change was a new TV app which enables users to subscribe to and watch third-party services within the app. Users can subscribe to HBO, Starz, Showtime and other channels from within the app. Users can also share the app with up to six family members on different devices. There is also a new dedicated kids’ section now.

The new TV app will also be available in more countries than the older TV app. Further, the app has been overhauled with a focus on machine learning to ensure that content recommendations are based on users’ viewing preferences and history. iOS 12.3 also includes minor interface tweaks. One such tweak is a new icon for the TV Remote app. Further, the Wallet app now shows more recent transactions and maps on transaction details.

Apple also added support for AirPlay 2-enabled TVs. Earlier this year, Apple revealed that HomeKit and AirPlay 2 will land on many smart TVs, including popular models from Sony, LG, Samsung and Vizio. Several features have been added in iOS 12.3 to support this expanded role for AirPlay 2. For instance, users can easily share videos, photos, TV shows, movies and music via their TVs with one-tap playback. Siri Suggestions for movies and TV shows to watch can play on AirPlay as well.

There is something for Apple News+ users as well. They will now be able to follow a magazine from the browsing view. iOS 12.3 also improves Apple Music’s “For You” tab, which will now be updated with suggestions several times a day.

iOS 12.3 also fixes the Apple TV Remote’s lock-ups, missing song information in CarPlay, and Wi-Fi call drops and adds security patches for Contacts, Lock Screen, Mail, and Photos.

Apple’s iOS 12.3 supports all iOS 12-compatible devices, including the iPhone 5s or later, the sixth-generation iPod touch or later, and the iPad mini 2 or later. The iOS 12.3 update is about 500MB in size, but that may vary a bit based on your iPhone or iPad model.

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