France Arming Kurds As Fighting In Iraq Continues

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The French government has announced that it will arm Kurdish forces. Apparently the decision has been approved by the central government. With the coming election of a new Iraqi Prime Minister and the ouster of al-Maliki there are hopes that Iraq can be held together.

Maliki’s strong pro Shia stance alienated Iraq’s Kurdish and Sunni populations. The disenfranchisement of Iraq’s Sunni community essentially allowed ISIS to invade Iraq unchallenged, and perhaps even welcomed.

France is increasing supplies delivery to the Kurds

Now the French government is ramping up its support, promising to deliver supplies to the Kurds. With the American government already supporting the Kurds with air bombing campaign. Meanwhile, the United Kingdom has stated that international plans are being drawn up to rescue the stranded Yazidis minority.

France has apparently been working to supply the Kurds for the last several days, and has now been given the green light to move ahead. The United States is also increase the number of military advisors being sent to the region. 130 more soldiers were sent, though apparently they will be working behind the scenes rather than on the front lines.

The Kurds have come under increasing pressure as ISIS has turned its attention away from Baghdad and towards Kurdistan. While the Kurds have a large and well-equipped army, the Kurdish region features a massive an hard to protect border.

At the moment ISIS has practically surrounded Kurdistan.

Will ISIS Be Bolstered By Syrian Government Victories?

The Syrian government has gained ground in its own civil war against rebel factions. ISIS itself started as a rebel faction in Syria, so you’d think that the government’s advances would be putting pressure on ISIS. It turns out, however, that just the opposite might occur. A crushing defeat of the more moderate rebels in Syria, might swell the ranks of ISIS.

As the Syrian government continues to score victories against more moderate rebel groups, however, an increasing number of rebels are reportedly signing up to join ISIS. The Syrian government is now advancing on Aleppo and rebels there are preparing for another siege.

Aleppo is largely under the control of more moderate rebels. If the rebels are forced from Aleppo, however, many may defect to ISIS, which could greatly increase the organization’s ranks. At the moment, it does not appear that moderate rebels have the strength to fight both extremists and the increasingly powerful government forces.

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